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Triple Moon Goddess Tie Dye Large Altar Cloth

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Add a splash of color to your altar or sacred space with this Triple Moon Goddess Tie Dye Large Altar Cloth from Inked Goddess Creations.

This beautiful large altar cloth comes in an array of purples, blues and oranges, to add a pop of color to your sacred space. A large Triple Moon Goddess is depicted in the middle with a pentacle in her background, and four smaller Triple Moon Goddesses are found in the four corners. A celtic knot weaves around the edges of the tapestry, with fringe hanging off the ends.

This altar cloth can be used as prayer shawl, can be hung from your wall as a banner or backdrop behind your altar. 

These altar cloths are large, measuring  42" x 72", and are made of silky rayon. Each cloth is handmade in India, so please allow for natural variances in coloring and slight variations in size, as well as slight irregularities in the stitching.