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Ultimate Sabbat Kit for Yule

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Celebrate the pagan sabbats in a grand way with the help of items in the Ultimate Sabbat Kit for Samhain from Inked Goddess Creations.

The 8 pagan sabbats are the festivals celebrated by Wiccans, Neopagans, Witches and more, to mark seasonal and energy changes throughout the Wheel of the Year. The items in our Ultimate Sabbat Kits were curated after much research into each sabbat's energy and intention, to help adorn your altar, create an appropriate energetic atmosphere, and focus your energy for your own personal sabbat ritual. These kits include items like altar focus pieces, tools for the sabbat, candles, gemstones, a ritual bath, herbs, incense, Book of Shadows pages, tea and more! We will only have a limited run of these kits for each sabbat, so once we sell out, we will not be selling anymore!

Welcome the winter with the Yule Ultimate Sabbat Kit from Inked Goddess Creations. 

This kit is specially blended to bring blessings, prosperity and success, while helping the user to put aside aspects of themselves they no longer need so new, more useful ones, can be born.

Please note- This kit does NOT contain an actual spell or ritual directions. It contains tools for you to create your own personal sabbat ritual. Please scroll down to the bottom of the listing to ready why we do this!

Included in this kit are:

~Yule Book of Shadows Page from Blade and Broom Botanica, giving information on the sabbat. This can be added to your own personal Book of Shadows once the sabbat is over.

~Green Moon Phase Altar Cloth- This beautiful green and black altar cloth has the moon phases with a labyrinth in the middle, to symbolize the journey internally that many of us take during the shadow time of year. This altar cloth measures 18" by 18" square. 

~Krampus Jar Light- Adorn your altar with this amazing Krampus Jar Light. Krampus is believed to be of Norse and Germanic pagan origins, and according to folklore, accompanies St.Nicholas on his journey in December. While St.Nick rewards good children with presents and goodies, Krampus disciplines the bad children and often takes them to live in his lair for a year, as punishment. Make sure you've been good this year and Krampus won't have to come visit you! Created by Primitive Witchery, these amazing jars are all individually unique, with various primitive decorations on the jar (many have different decorations from what is pictured here) as well as a rusty bell on the screw-top lid. Each jar comes with a battery operated tea light candle (please do not use real candles in them). Jar measures approximately 5" tall by 3" in diameter. 

~Yuletide Sage Wand- A blend of myrrh, cloves, orange, and cedar to cleanse away negativity before your Yule ritual, and charge your sacred space with Yuletide energy.

~4 Large Quartz Points- Charge these quartz points during your Yule ritual and the full Cold Moon on the 22nd and place them in the 4 corners of your home or sacred space to positively charge your area for the new year!

~Yuletide Soap-  A mini bar of Yuletide soap, to cleanse and prepare you for your Yule ritual. Yuletide is a blend of spruce, tangerine and bayberry. This scent blend is the embodiment of the yule season!

~2 Yule Tealight Candles in Frankincense & Cedar scent for Yule blessings.

~1/3 Oz Glass Vial of Yule Blessings Oil with herbs. The Yule Blessings Oil is a base of Apricot Kernel oil specially blended with Frankincense, Patchouli, and Juniper oils, with a Clove, Orange Peel and Rosemary herbs floating throughout, to be used to anoint objects like altar items (for blessings in the upcoming year), to be worn by the spell worker, or to dress the votive before burning. The large spell oil bottle is adorned with a star charm, to further connect you with Yule's powerful energy.

~Small Glass Vial with Frankincense & Myrrh Resin, which can be burned during your Yule ritual. This natural resin blend resonates with Yule and the holiday season, bringing blessings. 

~3"x4" Bag of Yule Herbs-  A blend of Patchouli, Red Sandalwood, Mistletoe, Orange Peel, Juniper Berries, Rosemary, and Cloves for your Yule ritual. A small amount can be burned on a charcoal disc along with your resin, or you can use it as herbal offerings to deities.

~Yuletide Green Tea Sample- Our Yuletide Green Tea is made of Jasmine Green Tea, Orange Peel, Hibiscus, Apple, Rose Hips, Cranberries, Cinnamon Bark, Elderberries, Cloves, Dogwood Fruit and Sea Salt. This fruity blend's balance between tart and spice is perfect to help invoke cheer and warmth this time of year.

~1 Roll of Charcoal to burn your incense. Brand of charcoal may differ from what is pictured here.

I only have a very limited number of these kits made for this season. 

Spell and ritual kits from Inked Goddess Creations do NOT contain instructions for a spell. I have found over the years that the most effective spells come from within, when the spell worker follows their heart. As a result, more energy is infused into the spell. With that said, most spells do require certain components like incense, oils, stones, spell bag, parchment, etc, so that's where my spell kits come in handy. Follow your intuition, use what ingredients you feel you need, and always remember to be specific.

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*Metaphysical properties of Inked Goddess Creations products are not guaranteed; I supply the tools, you supply the magick. Products should not be used in place of proper professional advice or treatment. If skin irritation occurs with body products, discontinue use immediately.

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