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Zombie Virus & Antidote Glass Vial Necklace Set of 2

$ 12.00

Add a bit of Halloween whimsy to your outfit with a Zombie Virus & Antidote Glass Vial Necklace from Inked Goddess Creations. 

No need to worry if the zombie apocalypse breaks out- you'll have your Zombie Virus and Antidote ready to go! This set consists of 2 necklaces, great as a best friends set, or to let people know what type of mood you are in that day (Virus- don't mess with me, Antidote- all is well) The virus pendant is filled with green liquid, the antidote pendant is filled with red glitter, and both are sealed so you don't lose any of your scary ingredient! A simple olde apothecary label adorns the outside, and the glass vial hangs from an 18" adjustable velvet cord.

These adorable necklaces are made by Skylar, Morgan's (owner of Inked Goddess Creations) teenager. She dreamed these amazing little creations, which are completely made by her!

Each order is for 2 glass vial necklaces, measuring 1.5" tall by .5" wide. They are sealed. Other items in picture are for size reference only and are not included.