March 2023 Inked Goddess Creations Box: Witchy Sh*t 2

March 2023 Inked Goddess Creations Box:: Witchy Sh*t 2

Something witchy has arrived,
Unique tools for your inner witch to thrive,
Magickal goodies created just for you,
For March 2023's Inked Goddess Creations Box, it's "Witchy Sh*t 2"!

  • Magickal Gemstone and Wood Wand*
  • Jar of Gemstone Sand
  • Gemstone Wishing Jar
  • Clear Quartz Mist for Energy Amplification*
  • Blue Chalcedony Mini Heart for Harmony
  • Mollie's Choice Votive Candle*
  • "Witchy Sh*t 2" Eclectic Witch Card Deck Expansion Pack*