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RSVP to our Anniversary Live Gemstone Sale - April 13, 2024
RSVP to our Anniversary Live Gemstone Sale - April 13, 2024
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  • Uncommon Magickal Tools
    April 11, 2024

    Uncommon Magickal Tools

    We all know the classics - cauldrons bubbling with possibility, wands channeling energy, and herb gardens overflowing with natural wonders. But what about the magickal tools lurking in the shadows, waiting to be discovered? Let’s dive into the lesser-known but potent realm of uncommon magickal tools.
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  • Fear-Mongering in the Wtichcraft Community
    April 10, 2024

    Fear-Mongering in the Witchcraft Community

    In the enchanting realm of witchcraft, where the mystical meets the mundane, there's a shadow that looms over the community: fear-mongering. It's a trend that's as old as time, but in the hands of modern-day witches, it takes on a new form, one that Morgan, an eclectic witch and Avalon priestess, confronts head-on in her latest podcast episode of 'Busy, Gritty, Inked and Witchy.' 
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