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Inked Goddess Creations Box: The Original & Only Magick Mail®

What Makes the Inked Goddess Creations Box Different?

~ Perfectly curated to fit a magickal theme each month!

~ Made by witches for witches, so this is stuff you'll actually use!

~ FREE SHIPPING within the US!

~ Exclusive products you can't find anywhere else, many of them made in-house!

~ Top-rated box and a favorite within the witchy community for 6 years now!

For a list of charities we support, please visit our Charities page!

Automatically Recurring Subscription Options

Guarantees you a box, even if we sell out one month!

Savings of 5% vs purchasing monthly!

Savings of 10% vs. purchasing monthly!

Or, you can grab a One Time Purchase Box, which is great for:

~ Trying it without commitment

~ Gifting to a friend or loved one

~ Getting only the box themes you want

The Details

~ Boxes ship on or close to the 3rd of each month.

~ You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

~ We do have purchase options for Canada and some international shipping, which include reduced shipping rates.

~ You can view past boxes here.

Are you ready to nurture your witchy side and practice some spiritual self-care?