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Inked Goddess Creations Box- Monthly Subscription

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This listing starts your subscription with August's box, which will ship on August 5th, 2024!

August's theme is F*ck It!

Have magick delivered directly to your door each month with the Inked Goddess Creations Box.

Your Inked Goddess Creations Box will come packed with supplies that resonate with the energy and theme for that month.

The box each month will contain:

  • A beautifully scented handmade candle, exclusive to Inked Goddess Creations
  • A DIY- A kit, activity, meditation focus, affirmation, or altar set up for you to do (we want you making magick!)
  • Exclusive Eclectic Witch Card Expansion Packs that fit the month's theme!
  • Additional products to fit the theme of the month. Items will be a mixture of full-sized and sample-size, and could include Mists, Oils, Altar Items, Herbs, Gemstones, Divination Items, Booklets, Art Cards, Potion Bottles, Jewelry, Incense, Decor Items, Spell and Ritual Tools, Witchcraft Items and more!
  • Information cards to help add detail to the contents of your box each month, so you know exactly why the items were made or selected to fit this month's theme!

The boxes will not only contain many exclusive Inked Goddess Creations products which will not be available for purchase in the store until after that month's box has been shipped, but also exclusive box items that will NOT be for sale after the subscription box is sold out! We aren't simply a monthly witchcraft supply box; we want the Inked Goddess Creations Box to engage your mind, body, and soul to help inspire you to release the magick within you!

You can see our past boxes here, which are no longer available for sale, but gives you a great idea of what to expect with the Inked Goddess Creations Box!

If purchasing this as a gift for someone, please note that we are unable to include gift messages with the order, due to our packing and shipping process.

If you have ANY questions about ordering or our subscription box, please email us or see our FAQ page (scroll down to the Inked Goddess Creations Box section) before ordering!

This listing is for a monthly recurring subscription. You will be sent a box every month, and automatically charged $35 every month until the subscription is cancelled. Please see below for details and terms! If you only want this month's theme, PLEASE purchase the One-Time Purchase box!!!

Shipping is FREE for the current month's Inked Goddess Creations Box!

Orders placed on or before the 1st of each month will apply to the upcoming box, which mails out around the 5th of the month. Orders placed after the 1st of each month will apply to the following month's box. (For example, orders placed on or before July 1st will be for the boxes shipped on July 5th. Orders placed after July 1st will apply to the August box.)

This listing is to pay for a Monthly Subscription plan. There are also options in the store to purchase a 3 month plan and a 6 month plan. This Monthly Subscription Plan will renew on the 28th of each month, and you will automatically be charged the $35 each month with the payment option you have on file until you cancel the subscription plan. The box will automatically be mailed out to you around the 3rd of the following month. To cancel or change your subscription, you can simply log into your account here at Inked Goddess Creations and make changes there. Subscription boxes and their contents are non-returnable/non-refundable. By purchasing this listing, you are agreeing to the subscription terms stated here.

The Inked Goddess Creations® Box is a monthly box full of surprise magickal goodies, delivered directly to your door. Each month, you are guaranteed at least 3 full-sized products and multiple samples which all fit into the month's theme. Inked Goddess Creations Box® subscriptions come in a month-to-month subscription for $35 per month, a 3 month pre-pay subscription for $99, or a 6 month pre-pay subscription for $189. We recently added a one-time purchase option to send as a gift or to try a month with no commitment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 341 reviews
July 2024

The beautiful selenite wand with moon etchings and witching hour balm are probably the 2 things I'm most excited to use. The bracelet is beautiful and I love how it has black and white for the full and new moons. I'm not a fan of tea but I'm sure my friend or I can get through that. The candle is a stunning blue and smells amazing. Altar cloth isn't my favorite design but it goes with the box, and I'm sure I can use it for moon workings

Tegan ✨.
June 2024

Absolutely loved my box. Everything is coming in so handy. Excited to see what next month brings

Sara C.
Awesome items!

Love love love y’all’s products! The monthly IGC box is my little present to myself every month. I’ve been able to stock up my alter and my fiancé has been very jealous of a lot of the items I’ve gotten!

Mary L.S.
Absolutely packed full of witchiness!!

I had subscribed to Inked Goddess Creations box in the past, and decided to try it again. I was not disappointed! The box was literally packed with useful witchy supplies and information. One thing I especially liked was the cards from the Eclectic Witch card deck. I had not seen them before, and I'm quite impressed with how much knowledge is in each card, and the convenient size and portability of the cards. Truly information at your fingertips!

I received nine items in this box, and each one was useful and intriguing. There was a nice balance beween "consumable" items (things you would use up) like herbs, candles, mists, herb bundles and soap. The scents, especially the Everyday Magick spray mist, are beautiful. There were also plenty of "durable "items, including a manifestation box (which I had never used before), a stone necklace, two sets of informational cards, and instructions on how to use the supplies. I am 67 years old, and have been a practicing Dianic Wiccan witch for the past 40 years, and some of the items in the box were new to me, or rather they presented a new way to practice. I feel like I am learning a "modern", contemporary way to practice, and who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? I am amazed by both the quality and the relevance of the items received, and look forward to continuing my subscription in the future. The price is more than reasonable, and for what you receive is an excellent value. Thanks so much, Morgan! I really appreciate your service and products!

Mary Lou

Candace J.
Love this box!!

Very impressed with the contents of this box, it's my second one and I am excited for the future boxes!

Julia D.
January Subscription Box

I absolutely loved this box. It came with so many tools, I especially love the rechargeable lighter. The case is sturdy and amazing. All the items are of wonderful quality.