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Beautiful ❤️

This alter card is so unique and plus it has that same feeling like the cards. Have mine in a frame close by.

Simply handy!

I love this little bookmark! The artwork is lovely and I'm enjoying the dash of magic it provides. thank you!

Great Quality

Quality stickers that are both functional and beautiful. These delight the little girl in me! :)

More Cinnamon Please!

I am not a huge fan of the scent..completely. For me personally when I ordered this I expected a much stronger cinnamon scent as I LOVE me some cinnamon. I also ordered it because I have a love for Hecate and even got her as my "Which Goddess Are You" quiz results here on IGC. However to me the honey sweetness parts of the scent are a bit overbearing for my personal taste. This does not make it a bad product by any means and I feel someone else may love it. As an empath I am a bit sensitive to certain scents so buying something without smelling it first in person can be hit or miss with me. Although its not my ideal scent completely I still highly recommend it if you are interested in it because IGC items are top notch. Its beautifully packaged and well thought out as are all of their products.


I purchased the last one! After days of debating, it was still there. Must have been waiting for me!!

Perfect set

The set is perfect. Has everyting I need for a quiet informal ritual.

Perfect size

So comfortable. Wear them since I got them


Absolutely lovely! Morgan does an amazing job designing these sets and I love the custom artwork she did for this year's Imbolc set! I plan on framing it and it will go in my yearly setup for Imbolc.

Awesome way to set intentions and keep track of life!

I am loving this planner. I hope Morgan comes out with one again next year. It really works for how I do planning and I am using it to track my tarot card draws too. So fun!

Beyond Lovely

This piece is actually quite heavy and solid. It has a lovely feeling energy to it and the etching is gorgeous. I love it so much! I put it right next to my bed with my favorite shinies!

Beautiful stone!

The size and color of this stone is a steal at the price! Has such a great vibration and even looking at it it my little mojo bag lifts my spirits! This was really a great find!

Great little set!

Perfect for small spaces and quick and personal rituals! Has everything you need PLUS the oil and candle smell wonderful!!!

I'm old stickers

Nice quality cute and perfect to stick in any journal or date book you may have..

Beautiful Card and Set!

I bought the full set AND an additional altar card for a year round decoration because it is so beautiful! From the colors to the features within the image! I resonate with everything in this set so deeply! The candle quartz is one of the prettiest quartz pieces I own now. Plus the scent of this candle is incredibly soothing but yet inspiring at the same time, if that makes sense! And the words/mantra/spell on it is beautiful. Another beautiful set!

Beautiful addition to my altar!

I absolutely am in love with this offering from IGC. I say offering because it’s a gorgeous altar plate, but it is incredibly versatile as it says in the description. It’s so beautiful that I want to just put it on display!

Such sweet vibes!

I'm so glad I got this! I get such a loving feeling from this crystal. I love the crystals I get from Inked Goddess Creations. I feel they are a very trustworthy company.

January awesomeness!

I’ve been subscribed since the November box, out of the ones I’ve received since then the best box was100% January’s box! I wish every box was as awesome as this one! Hoping next months is just as great!


Super happy with this purchase! I was hoping it didn't sell out and so glad I bought! It was carefully wrapped to not break too!


Information at your fingertips, easy to use. Love them all

Even prettier in person

This piece is gorgeous! It is durable and has just the right amount of shimmer.

Super cute

I hung this on the wall in my kitchen and it makes me smile every time I look at it. It gives a cozy, happy vibe.


Like all of the IGC altar cloths, this one is high quality with vivid colors and and a luxurious feel.


This is the first altar cloth I ever had, and it’s still my favorite. The cloth is high quality, the perfect size, and I love the design.

Loved this box

I loved the spell box and the instructions were easy to use and follow. I’d heard of witch’s knot spells but had never actually done one. It was a practical and useful box!