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Our 2022 Busy Witch Monthly Date Planner will be for sale Saturday, October 23rd!
Our 2022 Busy Witch Monthly Date Planner will be for sale Saturday, October 23rd!


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Kitchen Witch Apron
LeAnna Cargman
Great print, poor fabric quality

I love the print so much but the fabric quality is pretty thin. It arrived in a timely fashion in a beautiful bag but unfortunately the apron already had a run in it. Due to it being super thin it's not very durable as an apron, it's also pretty small.

Samhain solitary ritual

This provides a great framework for my own ritual, super helpful!

Solitary Samhain Ritual Outline pdf

Thank you, Morgan and IGC for this Solitary Samhain Ritual Outline PDF download and for the accompanying Solitary Samhain Ritual video. I can't wait to try it out and follow along w/ the video and the outline on Samhain! ((^.^)) =^.^=

Welcome addition

I can’t wait to add this “little gem” to my alter. It was even shipped with a little moss in the bag -how cute!

Great size!

I’ve had stone pipes from other vendors and never been happy with the size. This one has the perfect length and size. Very happy with this purchase.

Samhain Visionary Magick cards

I’m so excited there’s a Samhain version of these. :)

Orange Selenite Sphere

What a big size for the price. Very happy I got this sphere. It has lots of different shades of orange.

Calligraphy Sphere

Absolutely love this sphere. The coloring is perfect and I love to look into it and find all kinds of shapes and images.

Very Cute!

I actually liked this a lot. I am very crafty and I like to make things look pretty so have this stationery is really cool!

Black Oversized Halloween tote bag 🖤

I really like this black oversized Halloween bag! Perfect and sturdy bag to carry my metaphysical books, my Halloween costume/ cosplay and accessories, etc. And, I totally dig the wicked Halloween design. 😎😻

Affirmatively magickal

Beautiful artwork and awe-inspiring affirmation cards. And, it comes with a durable, high quality Red velvet logo bag. Thank you! :)

Small Caribbean Calcite Crescent Moon 🌜

I love this Caribbean Calcite Crescent moon. I'm a land-locked pagan and this stone emulates that ocean vibes. Even my patron god Poseidon approves. 😊🌊🔱

💧Water-in-a-box 🌊

This is my first ever witchy subscription box I've ever purchased. I've been waiting for the Element of Water subscription box this year from IGC. Everything inside this box is awesome! Great products that represent my fave element. :D 😎And, a portion of the profit went to Charity Water. I 💙 Water. Thank you, IGC!

Can’t say enough!

So beautiful and the energy flow, it’s amazing! The craftsmanship is exquisite!!!


Really cute and a nice informative page for my BOS. Thank you Morgan.

Samhain Visionary Magick cards - an IGC sweet treat 🍬

I like these Samhain Visionary Magick cards. The images are beautifully designed... like candy for the eyes. And, I love the quotes about Samhain too. 🖤🎃🍫🍭🍬😻

A must have !!

I wear her everyday. Helps me get through a rough day and the energy is amazing feeling too.

Blood Moon book of shadows page

Good information and well designed!

Hunter's Moon / Blood Moon Book of Shadows page 🌕🌙📖

I like the info. about the energies and correspondences that are associated with the Hunter's Moon / Blood Moon (October Full Moon)... as well as the affirmation included in this Book of Shadows page. :) 🌚🐺🎃🦇😺

Samhain guided meditation

I love this! Just the right length too.

Samhain tarot spread

So excited to use this!

Page for journal

As with every thing Inked Goddess puts out. You can always be sure it is the best. Thank you for the gift.

Samhain stationary

Super cute, thank you!

Samhain Book of Shadows page

Beautifully done!

Samhain "Gift" Guided Meditation mp3

Thank you, Morgan!! I really like this soothing guided meditation especially incorporating the sounds of water and the imagery of fall. I was able to download this mp3 via Google Chrome web browser. For some reason, I couldn't download the mp3 file via FireFox web browser. :\ It's a good thing I have Google Chrome as a backup to download this lovely Samhain Guided Meditation. :D Blessed be! XD