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Our Ostara Live Gem Sale is Saturday, March 16th at 10 am PT! Click to RSVP!
Our Ostara Live Gem Sale is Saturday, March 16th at 10 am PT! Click to RSVP!


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Rich Witch spell kit

Several weeks ago, I bought the Oh, Hell No! - Dirty Witch Protection spell kit and it had worked wonders! So, I purchased the Rich Witch spell kit and I love how these Dirty Witch spell kits are for quick, on-the-go spellwork. The instructions that come with it are simple and easy to follow! Thank you! :D

A Boost of Prosperity

I bought this Prosperity Altar set alongside the Rich Witch spell kit. I needed some extra magickal oomph in bringing in abundance. :)

Glacier is perfect name for it

This picture doesn't show its true icy look. It glimmers and looks like ice, stone and ocean. I expect a polar bear misses it

Rewilding workbook

Loving it so far. I'm 62yrs old and over the last year really got off my path. This is a great way to get me back to what really made me feel whole. Thanks Morgan for all the hard work you put into this. (By the way my daughter-in-laws name is Morgan!)

Magick Gemstone Wand

I'm so glad I got this on sale! It's cute and lightweight for its size. I was expecting for the wand to be a little more heavier. It also comes in a black velvet case to store it in. Overall, I'm very satisfied! :D

Burying the Past and Old Energies

It has been almost 3 months ago since one of my toxic parents passed away. I decided to purchase this Coffin Spell Kit in order to bury and move on from the bad memories and negative energies that are associated with them. Plus, this came in time when the Moon is waning... so I'll be utilizing this spell kit this week. Thank you.

Love this Oracle deck! And the quality of the cards are fantastic! They are not thin and flimsy they are coated and durable! This deck is now part of my go to.

Charming! ;-)

Love these cute lil candles! BOTH of their scents are very pleasing. Can't wait to use the Full Moon candle tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM (MST~ Denver) and the New Moon one on March 10th at 3:00 AM. Even the box they came in was pretty! PS: I love ALL of your products. Hee-hee!

Sweet! ;-)

I make my coffee in my Keurig with the frother attachment. I do the super fancy java/lattes with whipped cream and add chocolate sprinkles, but these cool witchy sprinkles make me smile more! *Wink*Wink* :-}


A big chunky piece with a beautiful energy to it. Worth every penny! I'll be sprucing up my altar to put this on it. Thank You Morgan!

Some Liquid Luck

I'll be using this Fast Luck spell oil to turn some of my luck around. Thanks!

Eclectic deck

As always I enjoy the little things but with these cards they are so much more.they have knowledge and beautiful art work .you never disappoint.

Mystical Messages Oracle Deck

Such a beautiful oracle deck! The illustrations are gorgeous and the cardstock is very durable and high quality! I dig the mini booklet that accompanies the deck which contains a few spreads to try out. And, the purple bag it comes in is very cute! Thank you, IGC! :)

The Strength of Dragon's Breath 🐲

I bought this to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year! 🧧🏮 It has helped me stay calm and focused and I love the scent! What a nice way to jump start the Year of the Dragon 🐉 with a "breath" of fresh air!! :D

The temp witchy tats! <3

LOVE these! I'm 68 and never had an actual tattoo! Amazingly, I have had motorcycles since 1976. Got my first Harley in 1999. People would ask me why I don't have any tats. I (jokingly) told them that, "You don't put a bumper sticker on a Maserati." Haha! These temp tats are PERFECT for me! When they start to fade a bit, they look like prison tats... Hee hee. Love them! The chemo I had in 2015 threw off my balance & I could never ride my Sportster again... These awesome temp tats are perfect for me and I plan to share them with my 13 year old grand niece. She made me a card a few years ago, which said, "Let's do some spells together!" I THOUGHT she meant um 'spelling' for school or something... I asked my nephew (her dad) about that and he said, "NO! She knows you're a witch!" I LOVE that little girl!


This lil mister was awesome! It was on sale/clearance for ONLY $3.50! I should have bought a BUNCH of them! (On Amazon they're a MUCH higher price.) I LOVED it and I used it constantly! But I um... kind of... screwed it up. You're only supposed to put in a DROP or TWO of essential oil mixed into the water reservoir and I put in WAY too much oil. I was sad. Hopefully they might be back in stock, soon! (Please?)


Great box Ordering another If you do a 3, you should think of something for Willow from "Buffy".

Great as a Birthday gift for another or for oneself! 🌠🎂

This Wishes spell oil pairs well with the Enchanted spell oil. They both smell amazing and not overwhelming. 🤩 I hope this aids me in my endeavors for my new Solar Return! 🙏🏻 Another happy purchase! :D

Lightly, Enchanting scent to Enchantment oil

I got this just in time for the weekend of my birthday week! The scent is airy and fruity! I really love it! 😍 I bought this along with the Wishes spell oil. Thank you!

Color changing mug

I like it but wished it was microwave safe.but otherwise pretty cool

My favorite box

This is by far my favorite box! Such awesome items for the Witch fan.

Loved it!

Loved this box, loved the theme and everything that came with it. Will purchase again

Protection on the go

I used to wear a necklace with the evil eye for a long time. I almost never took it off and then the one time I did, BAM! Lost. So when I saw this one at the shop, I HAD to get it! It's a great fit, it's small and durable. The fact that it's not a metal bracelet is great because I'm allergic to nickel. And the fact that it's adjustable is amazing as well. Over all I don't see me taking this off until it breaks off me lol!

Witchy Fandom 2

Absolutely love this box. I've been a customer for years & I think this is the best box yet. The necklace is my favorite & the book is going to be my new Book of Shadows!

Witchy kitchen year round fun!

These sprinkles are going to be a year round thing in my kitchen. Heart cookies, cupcakes, hot chocolate and more with witchy vibes. Who could resist?!