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Our largest product launch of the year is Saturday, October 1st at 9am PT!
Our largest product launch of the year is Saturday, October 1st at 9am PT!


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IGC Subscription Box

I love receiving my IGC Box every month, I have been receiving this box for about 4 years. The items are of high quality. I usually get items that I don't have and I love the theme each month.

Terrific gift!

I bought these as a gift for a very dear friend who loves to garden. She's is especially fond of her herb garden so I thought these would make a super gift to uplift her spirits.
Can't wait to see if she likes it!

Pretty earrings

I had no citrine earrings and these are exactly what I was looking for! The stones are beautiful and the silver work is also very nice. I would've bought a pair in every stone, but these were the only ones left!
What a great find!


This is exactly what I was looking for to enhance my meditation experience. The incense has a lovely scent and makes my space feel very calm. The gemstones are a pretty addition to my altar and who doesn't need more candles!
I love it!

Samhain Witchy phone background freebie 🧙‍♀️✨

A nice and vibrant phone background to start of the Samhain/ Halloween season. Thanks!! (⁠^⁠.⁠_⁠.⁠^⁠)⁠ノ =^.^=

I use this everyday, during MR. Sometimes several times a day. Both my girls have really struggled with this one. So I purchased one for each of them. I'd be lost without mine!!


Lovely craftsmanship. Cannot wait to use it for my witchy things.

Mini Apophyllite point

I felt this Apophyllite crystal calling out to me. This Apophyllite piece is a great addition to my Samhain / Halloween altar, especially for when I do spirit contact / communication. The mini size version is pretty cute and not too small. I really dig it! :D

Hematoid Blue Topaz

I've never heard of Hematoid Blue Topaz. I have a regular, tumbled Blue Topaz already in my gemstone collection that I bought several years ago... so, this was a nice piece to add to my collection. Thanks. :)

Simply amazing!

Great little kit for sabbats

I love getting these sets for the sabbats. It is a quick easy way to set up a small altar for the sabbat, especially if you have to save space or aren't "out of the broom closet" yet. For me its the space thing. I only have a small space to set up sabbat altars on and these little kits are a life saver!

Super cute and great DIY

I love getting these tins for each sabbat! I love the DIY in each one. They are so much fun for me and my daughter to do together and it makes me feel so magickal! The kit is well made and such a space saver when you are working in a small area.

Witch, Get Your Shit Done! Notepad

I love this little notepad! I use it a lot! Even used it to write down things I needed at the grocery store! You can use it for any kind of reminder and it's cute! Hope you keep selling these!

Great for Protection

The necklace is pretty and great for protection. I've gotten so many compliments while wearing it.

Really cool!

The picture doesn't give this crystal justice. It is really cool to look at. Stunning design and nice to hold.

This is going to take some thought…

When I got it, I immediately opened and perused all the pages because I just had to know what kind of journey I was going to be on. The layout is so simple. It just takes a little thought. I’m still in the thought process.
This is what I know just from looking at it. That I’m going to get a good look at myself. I’m going to put things in there that I wouldn’t share with my closest friend. And I’m going to put some things away that have no purpose in my life other than to make me feel less than the strong woman I know I am. Get this book and take your own journey. It can only help.

"Mother Earth"- April 2022 Inked Goddess Creations Box- One Time Purchase
Theresa Duck
How to be better child of Mother Earth…

This box is a reminder of all the simple everyday things we can do to treat our mama planet better. Reusable water bottles and bags. Plant something. A few herbs in a kitchen window or on a deck and you’re giving back to her. If all of us are a little kinder to her, she’ll be kinder to us.

Hubby Loves It

Bought this for my hubby and he loves it. He has carried several times this week.

Great layout

I have been trying for a while now to organize something like this for myself, but it was becoming too complicated. I like that all the phases are written out and explained and the plenty of room to right down thoughts. I will def be using this and then base the rest on this model. Totally worth the price. Thanks!!!!!

"Apothecary"- September 2022 Inked Goddess Creations Box- One Time Purchase
Colleen Sullivan
Love this

This is awesome!!!! I love love love all the little bottles, they are gorgeous. I wish I knew where to get more. Plus I got my daughter the Wee Witches herbal set and now we have some projects to do together. As always, the quality of the products here are the best. This kit is always worth the money. I haven't been disappointed yet.

"Apothecary"- September 2022 Inked Goddess Creations Box- One Time Purchase
Patricia Nevels
Monthly box

Loved everything I got. My mother in law loved hers too.

Amazing Monthly Subscription Boxes!!

I been receiving monthly subscription boxes for the past couple of years not one time have I ever been disappointed,I would most definitely recommend INK GODDESS CREATIONS to anyone..Love it💕

Blue Lace Agate Necklace

This necklace is beautiful! This is my new favorite necklace! ❤️

Worth every penny

Each month is not only fun but educational. Still fairly new to everything and I love the fact that these boxes are showing me new and informative things to use in my practice. Highly recommend these boxes and their site for all your witchy needs.


I have loved every box I have received! Always fun, unique and useful items for all witches.