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Our next new product update is July 17th at 10am PT!
Our next new product update is July 17th at 10am PT!


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I used my offering bowl last night during the full moon along with a healing candle whilst doing a harmony prayer. In my bowl I wrote two names along with my own placed my amethyst in itself moon light. Next morning I pulled my daily affirmations, three goddess cards and three taro cards. The positive energy is intense. ❣️❣️❣️❣️

Boss Witch oil

Smells really good. The dragons blood mixes nicely with the other notes.

Protection spell kit

The oil, candle, and incense smell amazing! The gemstone is a bit smaller than the picture, but not bad.

Ancient Egypt Magick

The Lapis Lazuli pyramid is beautiful and perfect for my altar to my patron goddess Nut. I love the texture of the Papyrus paper. And, the Egyptian Magick Mist has a light, sweet, and spicy scent. Thank you. :D

Art of the Witch Bottle deck - Putting Magick in a Bottle

Very informative and useful deck. I like the mini history of the witch bottle... or at least, how it began. Also, each card gives the ingredients of the witch bottles to make them magickally successful. Definitely a must have. :)

I love these gemstone chip jars!
I've looked for a while, for several of these at decent prices, to no avail. Until Now!
Thank u Morgan for having them! I'm really excited to be able to put some Witch jars together. ❤

Magical herbs, pick your own witch’s apothecary

I received my shipment intact. Nothing torn. I love the labels on each bag and telling me what herb is inside. Plus, telling you what each herb is used for. Which comes in handy since I’m a returning witch. Coming back to the craft and Inked Goddess has helped me!❤️ Thank you guys!

Wicked witch kit

I received the kit intact and nothing broken. I was excited to get this kit and looking at all the herbs ( I would lean down and smell the herbs through the package) lol. I couldn’t help it. Oh and thank you so so much for my gift!!❤️

Head witch in charge box

The box wasn’t damaged. Every item was well packaged. Plus, I was blown away on how much stuff was inside this box. I love the candle! The smell is addicting. The other items are helping me with all my other senses. The perfume oil I use everyday and it helps me when I breathe it in.


Wonderful note pads. Perfect size and a wonderful way to remind myself to incorporate magic into my day.

Always outstanding!;

I always love receiving my monthly box. It's like a little holiday/birthday gift to myself. I love finding all the little surprises that I would never have thought to buy for myself. Because I'm the type of person who believes in delayed gratification, I usually wait a little while to unwrap the shrink wrapped items to add to the extra suspense. Always an A+++. Many thanks to Morgan and crew for the thought put into every box. Please never stop ❤️

Great way to get clean, smell good and soften your skin

Smells wonderful and lasts a long time. Wonderful scent to help call on Morrigan and unleash your inner queen

I always look forward to when new stickers are coming out and these ones are just as wonderful as all the others! I love using them in my habit tracker, as it makes the journal look more fun and colorful! I love going back and looking at all the lovely stickers that I've gotten from Inked Goddess! They are very durable and wonderfully well made!


My first time with runes. I’m still learning but they are beautiful and feel wonderful!

Summer Majick Expansion Pak!!!!!

Let me say...I JUST LOVE THESE CARDS!! I have been a practicing WiTcH 🧹🪄 for my re than 35 yrs...I do travel...from beach to boyfriend's place and always take ALL of my Eclectic WiTcH cards with me!! So much easier than carrying a satchel of Tombs & Grimoirs!! Thank you Morgan!! What a great idea of beautiful reference cards!!!

Larimar bracelet

I love to wear mine as an ankle bracelet. I feel like part of the Ocean is always with me. Not to mention it is very calming!

Sandstone Freeform

Absolutely Majestic, such a awesome piece to inspire and invoke creativity.


Will be listening to this over and over for the next year. This event helped me personally and spiritually so much. Thank you Morgan! Blessings!

Witchy Ways Altar Cloth
Elizabeth Cecil
So cute

I love this altar cloth. It's so cute!

Cool rock

I really like this crystal! It's so different from my other fluorite pieces in that it has a whitish component and isn't as translucent as the others. It is a hefty weight for its size. It's almost as big as a tennis ball. I like that its pointed part is polished while the rest was left raw. It's a little addictive to reach over and touch it, because there are so many nooks and crannies as well as the smooth bits. I primarily like having fluorite on my desk to keep electronics running longer and to soothe me. This one seems better for the latter task.

Stylish and effective

I am really into larimar and this is probably going to become one of my favorite bracelets! It's kinda minimalist in style, and the calming energy of this stone is really exciting to be able to carry on my person. I ordered the oval one, and the particular stone I got is partially the shocking blue color that's easy to "fall into" mentally, but also swirled with grey, so that it reminds me of a stormy sky with the sun still shining. I hope that Inked Goddess is successful in selling these and begins to offer more bracelets in this style in the future with different kinds of stones or even sigils or symbols. Also, considering what larimar goes for, this is a pretty good price.

July 2021 box review

This box is one of my favorites. The affirmation and spell deck is tops! I use daily and I love the art work. Really spot on🥰. The bracelet is worn and loved daily. I love that all is genuine very up lifting. The generator is on my work space and is so unique. The soap is so lovely smelling that I have it under my pillow so I can enjoy nightly! And the candle as always is wonderful. I needed an explanation of the chakras and this pack is right on. Thank you so much the thought and care and art that goes into your boxes is up and beyond the cost. I am always so excited to see what you have up your sleeve next!!!!!!

Love the scents, love the affirmations…

I’ve been working on healing myself for a few months now. Daily affirmations help bring the light and goodness. The Boss Witch Ritual Perfume makes me feel energized all day.

Moon Quartz

Inked Goddess Creations has wowed me again...these beautiful heart gemstones I purchased are so beautiful. Moonstone is my crystal and I love hearts. This was a great purchase for me. I also have Amazonite heart, and purchased two Larimar crystals. Whoo hoo...thanks again