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Bought for my birthday

Got for a birthday spell, it’s so cute!

IGC Spell Kits ✨

The Spell Kits are all wonderful! Absolutely worth it

Rosemary Blessings

Great quality

Bought for my Solar Return

Gonna use for my birthday spell; can’t wait. Such a cute bottle

The Perfect Vessel

I adore this jar. It’s absolutely perfect for mixing various herbs and resins for incense and the cut out on the lid means you can even rest a small spoon in the jar while keeping it all covered.

The Perfect Little Kit!

I love these full moon kits! They really are perfectly sized and leaves you to do your magic your way with a bit of help from Morgan. These are my favorite things and I look forward to each one just as much as my regular monthly subscription box. FYI - The full moon oil smells so divine and I love both dressing the candle with this oil and using it on myself.

Great favorites rebought!

I’m very pleased! I was able to get my favorite items again! And wonderful choices and varieties to chose from. Very happy customer! Very good deal!

Great autumn smelly soap! Fresh apples!

I love this soap. Very pleased with scent. To be trueful I’m waiting till fall time to enjoy! The scent is strong and will last. Looks creamy and soft. It’s gonna nice autumn scent and enjoyable. I highly recommend for fall body self cleaning to smell yummy! It’s very beautifully scented!

Wonderful little intention jar!

I love my new cherry quartz intention mini spell jar! I’m so pleased with it! I’m so glad I decided to try another! It’s beautiful and loaded with extra tiny stones. The tree is beautiful! I’m very happy with this item!

Such a treat

I absolutely love getting these boxes! I really need to just subscribe already. Every item is quality and well thought out and designed.

Build Your Own

I'm so glad Morgan and the team decided to add this to the IGC box lineup. There were several months I skipped because I already had some of the items but still other si really wanted. This way I get the best of both worlds and don't miss out! Definitely look forward to grabbing another one when the items change out.

Wonderful options!

I have been receiving your monthly boxes for over a year now, which are all wonderful, and it was so great to have the opportunity to re-order some of my favorite items with your “build a box” option. Thank you!

Rainbow Moonstone

I love this. My picture doesn't do it justice. It has many fine lines

Gemstone pens

I'm back in college at 47, Gemstone pens for 5 dollars, come on now. It's exciting to take notes and I feel so boogie.

Crystal lovin

Absolutely love it !

Excellent Group

I'm not a people sort of person. I've never felt the need and/or desire to be in a coven or group. But after being an IGC customer, I felt drawn to join. I'm really glad I did. The monthly topics are really awesome & always bring fresh perspective & knowledge. There is SO much information in the archive & I find it really easy to scroll through & jump into a topic that interests me. The workbooks and BoS pages are all so nice & graphically beautiful. The bi-montly lesson & workshops are really cool & it's pretty neat to be present real-time. The Facebook group is also great, with daily discussion questions and tons of support & encouragement from members.

Excellent Bundle

I love this bracelet bundle SO much! I've added all three as daily wear bracelets. The Fluorite is my favorite - it's so colorful & varied. The Sodalite matte texture is neat & different than anything I've had before. The Aventurine is so calming & the charm is the perfect size. Delighted to have these in my collection!

Blue Aragonite

I love this calming gemstone! It's perfectly sized to carry as a pocket stone. So beautiful!


I ordered 2, one for me and one for my daughter. She loved it! Each stone was different, each had their own character. Beautiful!


The piece I received was absolutely beautiful! It has my 3 favorite crystals all in one! I carry it with me everyday!

Pisces candle

This candle smells amazing, and the embedded crystals are a nice touch!

So lovely!

I love these bracelets! They’re beautiful and give off all the good vibes.


I love these full moon kits! Easy to use but still meaningful.


I didn't know I had one