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Brand new EXCLUSIVE products to help you start your 2020 off in a witchy way! Click here!
Brand new EXCLUSIVE products to help you start your 2020 off in a witchy way! Click here!


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Selenite Charging Plate

This is one of my favorite alter tools! It has a beautiful, cool, calming energy. I have used it a couple of times and right now I am charging my Amber crystals.
You can feel the new charged energy of your stones once they are fully charged. I can't wait to charge all my crystals on it!

Clear Quartz Pyramid

It's gorgeous! It looks great on my alter and you can feel the boost of energy when using it. Love, love, love this!

Amethyst Pyramid

It's absolutely beautiful and I have it on my alter. I just love it. Gives my alter space peaceful energy.

Great for Meditation Work!

This stone is the perfect size and shape for meditative work! Plus it's beautiful to have placed on an altar when not in use.

Beautiful Additions!

These cards are GORGEOUS. The quality is wonderful (the paper is so soft and smooth!) and the information is so helpful. I bought these on a whim and I'm so glad that I did - I immediately ordered the full Eclectic Witch Card Deck. I plan to "read" one a day and place it in my tarot card holder so I can meditate on the card's purpose as a witch. I purchased the Underworld and Shadow Working sets and I am excited for any future ones!

Stunning crystal

This monthly box is worth every penny! This month was an absolute stunner! Such a beautiful BIG stone! I love it as I've loved every single one. I look forward to my package every single month.

Love these!

The expansion pack is great! All these cards are wonderfully design, love the feel of These cards.
A nice addition to my original deck.
Bright Blessings
Misty Dawn

Expansion packs

I absolutely love these packs, and they are perfect to help explain things to the budding witchlings in our house(plus I absolutely love them)! I feel like a little kid waiting for the mailman when they are coming, and like a little kid collecting trading cards looking at them making sure I have them all ! Great job as always Morgan you are such a blessing to us all!!

Beautiful cloth

I love these new cloths they are soft and beautiful, and of course im partial to the Imbolc because it has a fox on it .

Witch on Amethyst cluster

Absolutely thrilled with the size of the stone and detailed quality of the witch. Definetly a keeper, it was intended as a gift. but decided it was for me. Get this and you'll love it too

Love moon phase sliver coin

Very nice love my mom phase sliver coin ♡
Very well made ♡

Praise Freyja

I purchased this in August, it is now January and I am just getting to the bottom. I burn it at least once a week and it has still lasted this long. Needless to say it smells incredible.

I love the new sets

I can't resist a pretty altar cloth and these new ones are gorgeous. I was lucky enough to get two crystals. The candle smells incredible and the perfect size. The price is just right as well. I suspect in the future the expansion cards will be included, which would be great.

Altar Cloth

Love the look and feel of this altar cloth. It has a soft silky feel to it. Very nicely done.

Ruby spinel matrix tower

This stone is absolutely Georgia’s. It’s bigger than I thought it was going to be!

Petrified palm wood mini tower

This is a beautiful stone I use for grounding

Herb sampler

They arrived in pouches, They seem like good samples and are free from invasive solids (string or plastics). Good samples of freshly dried herbs.

Got the middle one from above picture

Mine is nice sized and solid color.

Love the Phoenix Rising

Sparkly with crystals, Gold is dominate coloring, Embossed with the Phoenix Rising and smallish. Usually the small journals are 4 X 6, this one is odd sized at 8.25 X 5.75. Makes it stand out on your bookshelf so perfect for a 'special' purpose beyond your usual journal-ing.


I am so glad I ordered this Palm stone, it is absolutely beautiful.

So useful!

I love this booklet and all the information on each tree. My fiance follows a more druidic path and his passion and knowledge for trees has me wanting to know everything as well. I have him the little card for his altar. ❤

Awesome kit

Nice small kit for Imbolc ritual. I love the smell of the incense. It's also perfect to throw into a travel altar.

Beautiful deck!!

I have been doing the subscription box for a few months and there are always a few cards for the months theme. I had to get the starting deck to add all these to. Comes in a beautiful bag with Inked Goddess symbol. Love love love!!!

Love love love!

I got the January box as a birthday gift for my best friend and couldn’t help but to get me one too! We both loved them so much. The products in them were amazing!! Definitely plan on getting the monthly subscription

Omg loved it

I love it. Nice and soft the cloth is. Candle smells good. The Amy point wand was good size. The clear stone I am useing for my element set as didn't have one Spirit