• Scrying Magick 101

    Scrying Magick 101

    Scrying is an ancient divination practice rooted in Ancient China, Egypt, and Greece. Scrying is accessible to anyone who wants to practice it, and it doesn’t have to include large-scale predictions about the world or the future.
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  • Dream Magick 101

    Dream Magick 101

    Dreams are our mind’s way of processing information from the day, week, month, or lifetime. Most dreams have little significance, but some dreams have more significant meanings and can even be prophetic.
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  • Candle Magick 101

    Candle Magick 101

    Candles are truly magickal items – so much so that non-practicing folks love to fill their homes with candles, make wishes when blowing them out on birthday cakes, and adorn sacred spaces with them. Candles are simple tools that can impart an essence into your space or can be a powerful tool to cast and conjure.

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  • How to Do a Cord Cutting Ritual

    How to Do a Cord Cutting Ritual

    A cord-cutting ritual is a fundamental work for most witches. It’s valuable after a breakup, when leaving behind a toxic family member, or moving on from a negative boss. To help you with your ritual, we’ve outlined three ways to cut the ties between you and another person.

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  • Making the Mundane Magickal

    Making the Mundane Magickal

    Something magickal happens when you weave intention, spells, and actual magick into your daily routine. To help you infuse your day with more witchy energy, we’ve created a list of magickal ideas that are simple and don’t require anything other than your imagination. Here’s your guide for turning mundane tasks into something absolutely magickal.
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