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Kitchen Witch Magickal Culinary Blends

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Complete Set of 4
Sample Set of 4

Stir some magick into your recipes with the Kitchen Witch Magickal Culinary Blends from Inked Goddess Creations. 

Each herbal blend has been specially formulated with herbs to suit each intent. The herbs are ground down to almost a powder, and then hand-mixed into the salt or organic sugar (depending on the blend). Once the blends are mixed together and packaged, they are then charged on my altar for an extra positive magickal energy. These blends are made to be added to your own recipes to add a particular energy to whatever it is your Kitchen Witch heart is cooking up!

I have been using these blends in my own personal Kitchen Witchery cooking for years now, and wanted to make them available to my customers!

There are 4 blends to choose from ~ Love, Healing, Money and Protection.

Love- A blend of Organic Sugar, Rose, Lavender, Orange Peel and Cinnamon to add a little sweetness and love energy to your baking or cooking. Can also be used to sweeten tea, sprinkled on breakfast items, and so much more!

Healing- A blend of Sea Salt, Rosemary, Calendula, Thyme, and Garlic to add some healing energy to your cooking. This blend goes GREAT in homemade chicken soup, when you have sick loved ones, and complements chicken dishes quite well.

Money- A blend of Organic Sugar, Chamomile, Cloves, Ginger and Nutmeg, to sweeten the prosperity energy in your life. Can be added to baking and cooking dishes, used to sweeten tea, or sprinkled on breakfast items. This blend also makes an AMAZING cider, when brewed with warm apple juice or cider (or even Mead, for a more adult drink!). 

Protection- A blend of Sea Salt, Hawaiian Black Salt***, Sage, Dill and Black Pepper, to add cleansing and protection energies to your recipes. This blend complements poultry and fish dishes quite well, as well as vegetable dishes (especially roasted root vegetables!).

Each blend comes in a large, thick glass corked bottle, which holds 3.4 oz of the blend. Hanging from the bottle is a small charm and a color-coordinated hemp string. The bottle can be reused after your blend is gone. 

If you decide to purchase the complete set of 4, you'll save $4 from the price of ordering each individually!

This set is now available in a 4 set of sample sizes, with 1/2 oz glass vial of each blend. This is a great way to try the set before purchasing the full sizes!

***Please Note: The Hawaiian Black Salt is culinary grade, made from solar evaporated sea salt from the Hawaiian island of Molokai, that has been coated with activated coconut shell charcoal to get the black coloring to it. DO NOT USE if you are allergic to coconuts! When you purchase this blend, you are saying you have read this note and accept full responsibility for its possible side effects, releasing Inked Goddess Creations of any liability.


*Metaphysical properties of Inked Goddess Creations' products are not guaranteed; I supply the tools, you supply the magick. Products should not take the place of proper professional advice or treatment.



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