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March 2021 Inked Goddess Creations Box: The Element of Air

March 2021 Inked Goddess Creations Box: The Element of Air

March 2021 Inked Goddess Creations Box: The Element of Air

The element of air is responsible for communication, wisdom, wishes, and more. March 2021's "The Element of Air" themed Inked Goddess Creations Box is the first box in our elemental series for this year and focuses on items and practices to help you work with this transforming element.

  • Gemstone Wand
  • Faden Quartz in Display Case
  • Element of Air Spell Kit*
  • Color-Your-Own Suit of Swords Tarot Pack*
  • Air Votive Candle*
  • Air Element Sticker*
  • "The Element of Air" Eclectic Witch Card Deck Expansion Pack*

* Inked Goddess Creations® Exclusive Product

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About Our Box:

The Inked Goddess Creations® Box (formerly Magick Mail®) is a monthly box full of surprise magickal goodies delivered directly to your door. Each month, you are guaranteed at least 3 full-sized products and multiple samples which all fit into the month's theme.

IGC Box subscriptions come in a month-to-month subscription for $32 per month , a 3-month pre-pay subscription for $91 , or 6-month pre-pay subscription for $173. We've added a one-time purchase option to send as a gift or to try a month with no commitment, and you can also now purchase one-time boxes for Canadian and international orders!

A portion of our profits are donated each month to select charities that are close to our hearts.

About Our Packaging:

Our shipping boxes and tissue paper are made from 100% recycled material. Our choice to use eco-friendly packaging is our way of helping beautiful Mother Earth.

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