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Welcome to all whose path has led them to Inked Goddess Creations! I am Morgan, the shop owner and writer here at InkedGoddessCreations.com. I want to take a few minutes to tell you about my shop, and myself- things you can't read about in the 'About Inked Goddess Creations' tab above!

I'm 34 years old, mother of 2 beautiful kids- a girl and a boy, married to my high school sweetheart for 16 years now, and we are a military family. We are currently stationed in the state of Arizona, where there are 286 days of sun a year- making my rain-loving side feel a bit neglected. I also have a "mom blog" over at The Inklings of Life, where I write about the humor found in the chaos that is motherhood. Two years ago I published my first book, a humor nonfiction piece entitled "Tatted Mom's Guide to NOT Screwing Up Your Kids." I'm a trained tattoo artist and body piercer, lover of all things Alice in Wonderland, and enjoy reading a good witchy novel when I can find the time. And while Inked Goddess Creations is only 2 years old, I've been a self-employed business owner for about the last decade.

I started making all natural bath and beauty products back in 2003, when we were stationed in England. At the time, Europe was far more advanced than the US when it came to homeopathy and natural products, so I dove into research, learned a ton from an amazing moot I was a member of, and got to work making lotions, bath salts, creams, salves and aromatherapy products. I took that knowledge with me back to the US in 2005 and opened up a new age store called Static Moon, in a small, conservative town in South Carolina. It stayed open until 2009 (pretty proud of that), but that fire to own a metaphysical store again stayed lit inside of me. I tattooed for a few years, and in 2013, the stars aligned just right for me to once again open a spiritual store- Inked Goddess Creations. This time, I decided to feed my creative side and hand-make most of the items, and also decided that it needed to be able to travel with me in case my husband got orders again.

Two years later, I'm extremely happy with what Inked Goddess Creations has become, and still take so much pride in my work and helping others on their spiritual journeys. I'm starting to incorporate my knowledge of natural bath and beauty products to expand the current inventory, and take customers' input into high account when designing new products. I love what I do, and am thankful to the customers who order from me, and allow me to create magick every single day.

​ As far as my spiritual background, I'd consider myself an eclectic witch for the last 15 years or so; I love a little kitchen witchery, was taught many things about rootworking and hoodoo in South Carolina, and resonate with teachings from Wicca, Buddhism, Celtic pantheons, Egyptian pantheons and Norse pantheons. I do walk the Goddess-centered path of the Avalonian Tradition, which is why you'll find quite a few products dealing with apples in my store- the apple is the symbol of Avalon. I consider myself an empath, which I feel helps me connect with customers' energy when fulfilling their orders- especially when I get asked for custom requests. I get asked a lot what my process is for creating custom blends of oils, jewelry and herb packs, and the best way I can describe it is that I go on "autopilot." I meditate beforehand, and herbs/oils/ingredients just pop into my head. I used to research everything after I was done, and found that the ingredients chosen were exactly what the customer needed, so now I just trust my intuition and go with it.

I get asked if I perform spells and rituals on people's behalf- I don't, sorry. As a human full of emotion, it's hard to define your own personal intentions when doing a spell for yourself; it's much harder to pinpoint another's true intention to perform a spell for them. I have always believed that magick comes from within (which is the philosophy behind one of the things you will see written in just about every single one of my listings- I supply the tools, you supply the magick.), so even an inexperienced witch with a large amount of passion toward a cause can create (probably more) magick than an experienced witch who doesn't even know the person they are doing the spell for. With that said, if you are a beginner, just read all you can about how to cast a proper spell- being specific is important, and harming none is pretty important, too. Do what feels right, what is safe, and put yourself into it- that is magick. I do give advice or general directions on spell casting, but always keep in mind I am one witch- my way may not work for everyone, but it's what works with my energy.

I do charge many of the amulets, oils, witch bottles and more on my altar before sending them out to the customer- this just adds a bit of positive energy to your item.

I am always available for questions, so you can message me through Etsy. I take off random days during the week, but usually answer emails within 1-2 days. I work in positive energy and light, so I won't answer emails about how to get back at someone, or how to ruin another's life. I don't even really answer questions about how to make someone do something they don't want to (the emails generally come in the form of trying to get back a past boyfriend/girlfriend who has moved on). I actually do get a ton of those requests, but as they go against my personal beliefs, I'm definitely not the person to advise on those matters.

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Brightest Blessings to you on your spiritual journey!