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6 Unusual Gemstones for a Magickal Ostara

6 Unusual Gemstones for a Magickal Ostara

Ostara marks the coming of spring and occurs on the Spring, or Vernal, Equinox. It is a time of rebirth, fertility, and return of the warmth of spring and summer, and the sabbat shares many correspondences with Easter. While a variety of gemstones can enhance your altar and practice at Ostara – Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, and more – we’re bringing you some gemstone ideas that are a little more unusual. We hope these six gemstones will grant your practice some powerful and unique energy.6 Unusual Gemstones for a Magickal Ostara

Green Kyanite 

Green Kyanite nurtures all of the chakras but resonates most with the heart chakra. A calming stone, Green Kyanite assists in meditation, intuition, and psychic development. The stone can also help you connect with nature, which makes it a wonderful gemstone to work with during Ostara. As a variety of Kyanite, Green Kyanite doesn’t hold onto negative energy and can clear other stones, people, and rooms of negative vibes.


Dendritic Agate 

With its veins of dark “branches,” Dendritic Agate resembles a tree caught in stone. Dendritic Agate is a stone of plenty, abundance, and fullness. It is often associated with Greek dryads, tree spirits and nymphs from Ancient Greece, so it may help you commune with nature this spring.  Dendritic Agate is supportive of new beginnings and overcoming self-limiting beliefs.


Nephrite Jade 

The deep green of Nephrite Jade makes it appear as if it has unlimited depth. It’s fitting, as this variety of Jade helps you connect more with your dreams for deeper understanding. Nephrite Jade is also a balancing stone, with a grounding effect on both masculine and feminine energies. In the ancient world, carvings and statues made from Nephrite Jade were said to provide protection and encourage good fortune. At a time of rebirth, Nephrite Jade reminds us of the return to green, lush nature as part of the larger balance of the world as a whole.


Mangano Calcite 

At Ostara, we honor goddesses of love, the moon, and fertility. Mangano Calcite – affectionately called “Mango Calcite” around the Inked Goddess Creations office – aligns with the divine feminine and evokes thoughts of these goddesses. It’s also associated with the healing of female reproductive organs, which makes it a nurturing stone to display on your Ostara altar or throughout the year.


Also known as Ametrine, Bolivianite is a unique blend of Amethyst and Citrine. The elements must be precise and perfect to create Bolivianite – so precise that it’s formed in only one place in the world: Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Its purple, pink, and golden colorings evoke thoughts of honey and springtime flowers. Like the individual stones, Bolivianite is soothing and connects you to the spiritual realm. It also brings harmony to feminine and masculine energies, and promotes your intuition – a valuable tool when faced with new beginnings!


Red Jasper 

This vibrant red stone has historically been used for endurance, strength, and fertility. Ancient Egyptians linked Red Jasper with the fertile blood of the goddess Isis, and Native Americans called it the Blood of Mother Earth. The stone brings focus and energy to the wearer and may assist you in creative pursuits and new projects. 

While these aren’t the only gemstones associated with Ostara, they are among the more unusual selections. May they bring some unique magick to your celebrations this year!


Metaphysical properties of gemstones are not guaranteed. We supply the tools and information; you supply the magick. Articles and products should not take the place of proper professional advice or treatment.  


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