Are You A Celestial Witch?

Cosmic Witch from Inked Goddess Creations

Celestial witches use the planets, stars, and celestial energy in their practice. Also called cosmic witches or star witches, those who practice celestial magick integrate the moon’s phases, astrology, and anything having to do with the heavens above into their magickal routines. Celestial witches often use both astrology and astronomy in their practice, so if you know off the top of your head when Mercury will be in retrograde next, when the sun is sending out solar flares, or what phase the moon is in, you’re likely drawn to celestial magick. 

What’s Your Sign? 

While they may not feel well-versed in astrology, celestial witches certainly are aware of the zodiac and are probably that friend who is always asking others for their sign. No matter what type of magick you regularly practice, knowing your natal chart can help you understand more about yourself and how you get along with others. Various sites provide free basic natal charts. All you need is the time, location, and date of your birth. Who knows? It might stir up more magick in your life.


One with the Moon 

Another way to practice celestial magick is to incorporate the moon into your practice. New and Full Moon rituals are an organic, easy way to go with the flow of nature’s cycle, but diving into the other phases can help you cultivate your inner celestial witch. 

Set specific, meaningful intentions with the New Moon and watch as your intention starts to become reality through the Crescent Moon, as we move into the First Quarter Moon. With the Gibbous Moon, surrender your intention to the Universe as it helps guide you toward your goals – and away from the things that don’t serve you. 

At the Full Moon, participate in a Full Moon ritual. Water and the moon are intimately paired, so something as simple as a Full Moon bath ritual can have powerful results. As the moon moves toward the Third Quarter Moon, through the Disseminating Moon, allow for any emotions to come up. Observe them mindfully, with love in your heart, before releasing them. By the time you reach the Third Quarter Moon, you should be well on your way to achieving your intentions. And as the moon settles into its Balsamic phase before the next New Moon, take some time to express gratitude for this cycle’s journey.


Planetary Alignments, Eclipses & Shooting Stars 

As part of the astronomy aspect of celestial magick, physical changes in our solar system and beyond also factor into some people’s practice. You might literally wish on a shooting star or create a special ritual for eclipses. Pay close attention to which planets are aligned. Not only is an alignment a sight to behold, but it can also increase a spell or ritual’s potency.


Goddesses and Gods Associated with the Sky

Want to add a little celestial magick to your practice? Try working with one of the following goddesses or gods. This list isn’t exhaustive but includes some of the better-known deities. 

  • Khonsu – Egyptian God of the Moon
  • Nut – Egyptian Goddess of the Sky
  • Artemis – Greek Goddess of the Hunt, often associated with the moon (Roman: Diana)
  • Asteria – Greek Titanic Goddess of Nocturnal Oracles and Falling Stars 
  • Eos – Greek Titanic Goddess of the Dawn (Roman: Aurora)
  • Hecate/Hekate – Greek Goddess of Witchcraft and often associated with the moon
  • Nyx – Greek Primordial Goddess of the Night (Roman: Nox)
  • Selene – Greek Goddess of the Moon (Roman: Luna)
  • Ratri – Hindu Goddess of Night
  • Chandra – Hindu God of the Moon
  • Indra – Hindu God of the Sky
  • Nótt – Norse female personification of the night


When working with different gods and goddesses, please research the deity first to learn more about them. Then you may work with them in harmony and respect not only for the god/goddess but also for the culture from which they come.

So, are you a celestial witch? While you’re the only one who can decide, these tools and deities are perfect for working cosmic magick.


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