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Days of the Week Magick

Days of the Week Magick

There’s magick all around, including on each day of the week. One of the simplest ways to strengthen a spell or enhance your magick is to work with the magickal energies of specific days of the week. For instance, your prosperity magick may be stronger on Thursdays, or your divination may work better on Mondays. Here’s a quick guide for working with each day of the week.

Days of the Week Magick

Sunday is for Creativity & Expression

Sunday is ruled by the Sun, so it is a day to get outside, live life, and express your happiness. The sun resonates with masculine energies, so paying respect to the male deities in your belief system is also an excellent practice for Sunday. You can use this motivational energy to plan your week, set goals for yourself, paint, write, sing, express your creativity, and practice gratitude magick for the things in your life that give you meaning. 

Monday is for Divine Feminine Magick

Monday, the day ruled by the Moon, is a time to focus on your intuition, practice divination, and develop your psychic abilities. This day, associated with Divine Feminine energy, invites you to honor the Goddesses in your belief system. By tuning into your emotional state, meditating, engaging in card or pendulum readings, practicing dream magick, and performing spells or work related to female empowerment, you actively work with the day’s energy, empowering yourself in the process. 

Tuesday is for Courage

Tuesday is ruled by Mars, known for its strong, fiery energy. It is a good day for courage and strength spells, as well as powerful protection wards, rituals for success, and leadership. On Tuesdays, tap into your inner strength and confidence and let it expand outward from you. You can also draw protection sigils around your home, strengthen your auric shield of protection around you, work on magick to achieve success or exercise your authority in a situation that needs it. 

Wednesday is for Shadow Working

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, responsible for communication, travel, wisdom, and knowledge. This is an excellent day for magick pertaining to opening lines of communication in a relationship, shadow working, or learning something new! To honor Wednesday’s energy, you should write, journal, record a podcast, take an e-course, or expand your knowledge base through reading or researching. Wednesday is also a great day for healing spells and rituals, as well as for studying for upcoming tests. 

Thursday is for Money Drawing Magick

Thursday is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which reigns in areas of finances, career success, and abundance. This is a great day for money-drawing spells, as well as career or business advancement and success, and spells to get your current finances in order. On Thursdays, you can utilize the day’s energy by creating or revamping your financial budget, doing some advertising if you have your own business, setting goals for your career, or paying your bills. Taking classes or e-courses related to personal advancement is also a great Thursday practice. 

Friday is for Self-Love

Friday is ruled by the planet Venus, which is responsible for love. Self-care and self-love are great practices for Friday, as are spells relating to compassion, fertility, increasing sexuality, and strengthening friendships. Some excellent magickal practices for Friday include a pampering, cleansing bath, giving yourself a facial, manicure, or pedicure, spending the day with friends, having a date night with your lover, sending love and positivity into the world, or setting up a self-love altar to remind yourself of how awesome you are! 

Saturday is for Banishing Magick

Saturday is ruled by the planet Saturn, which is responsible for the energies of hard work, personal transformation, discipline, and responsibility. This makes Saturday a great day to set personal achievement goals, banish negativity holding you back, and work toward your authentic self. Magick you can practice on Saturday includes cleansing and banishing roadblocks or negativity in your life. It’s also a day to reveal truths and accept the changes in your life that are helping guide your personal transformation. Make Saturday all about you! 

Stay magickal!
Megan W.

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