Full Moon in Capricorn - June 21, 2024

Full Moon in Capricorn - June 21, 2024

Tenacity, courage, and hard work are the name of the game with this Full Moon in Capricorn – not that you’ll have to embrace these qualities, but that you HAVE been embracing them. You're not alone if things have been challenging for you over the past few weeks. The good news is that this Full Moon ushers in abundance and gorgeous manifestation energy, so be sure to take advantage of those vibes while the moon is at its most powerful. 

Full Moons also bring heightened emotions, which may be true for you. However, if you have significant Capricorn placements in your chart, you may feel a conflict between your emotions and naturally more logical self instead. Check your chart, and then give yourself a little extra grace this cycle. 

This Full Moon is happening at an exciting time! We’ve just come off the highly social vibe of Gemini Season and just entered Cancer Season the day before the moon is full. Cancer can be a lovey-dovey sign, so the bonfires of Litha (also happening on June 20th) may be stoking all kinds of passions (wink, wink!). Oh yeah, and did I mention that Vesta, the asteroid of sacred spirituality, enters Leo on June 19th? That means that your love and sex life may be going through a transformation, too! So, yeah, there’s a lot going on.

If you’re someone who feels drained at the Full Moon, make sure to practice some self-care magick this week. And if you’re someone who’s energized by this moon phase, then channel that delicious Capricorn energy toward your professional goals. Saturn, the planet of pragmatic action, rules Capricorn, so let it guide you through this period.

And as we settle into nurturing Cancer Season, allow yourself to be guided by the Moon’s ebbs and flows. After all, the Moon rules Cancer!

Here’s your forecast based on your Sun and Rising Signs:

Aries: You are on fire this month! Tap into your badass nature, embrace your inner sex goddess, and take some (safe, healthy) risks in your life that you’d usually brush off as too outlandish.

Taurus: Lean into your luxury-loving vibes this Full Moon and remember to take extra care of yourself during the ambitious Cap vibes. They may feel overwhelming.

Gemini: Get ready for change, honey! We all go through personal evolutions and transformations – yours might be on the horizon.

Cancer: This is your season, even if the moon isn’t there yet. Allow yourself to dream more this month. It might be a good time to tap into fairy magick if you’ve been thinking about it lately.

Leo: It’s time to say yes to yourself in the areas where you typically down-prioritize your needs. And with Vesta in your sign this month, you may want to explore some sex magick. Spicy!

Virgo: Don’t let the Capricorn vibes of this Full Moon send you into a full-on organization and ambition spiral! Take some time to rest, and after the Full Moon, use your boundless analytical skills to refine your goals moving forward.

Libra: You are in the middle of your Hot Girl Summer, and if you’re not, you really should be! Lounge by the pool, enjoy outdoor markets and festivals and hang out with friends.

Scorpio: Watch out for the existing conflicts in your life to reach a fever pitch in this hot weather. You’ve got this!

Sagittarius: Are you hoping for good news in your professional life? It might arrive with this Full Moon, as it’s full of good fortune for you – especially as it applies to your material well-being!

Capricorn: This is your Full Moon, Capricorn! Now’s the time to put some extra effort into your pursuits. The moon will give you the boost you’ve been looking for.

Aquarius: You’re being invited to set boundaries again, Aquarius, and this time they might be with yourself. With all the magickal happenings around this Full Moon, don’t get too swept up in the whimsy of the season.

Pisces: You may also have good news about your career or work! Take time to honor everything you’ve already accomplished this year. Now’s a great time to reflect.

Happy Full Moon, Witches!
Megan W.