Full Supermoon in Aquarius- August 1, 2023

Full Supermoon in Aquarius- August 1, 2023
The Full Moon in Aquarius is a Supermoon, and arrives on August 1st to usher in a time of change. Aquarius energy urges you into new ways of thinking and doing, which is great for breaking up stagnant energy that might be working against you in your life. While change is often scary, Aquarius energy helps support you during these transformations, for they are in alignment with your highest good. The areas of your life most affected by this energy are the ones where you feel stifled, chained, and unable to completely be yourself. Allow this Full Moon to shine light on those areas so you can break free and once again find your freedom and independence. ⁠

As Aquarius is an Air sign, it helps with intellectual decision-making and clearing confusion and mind chatter. This Full Moon will help you shift your perspective in order to add some clarity to your life. This could include new ways of processing existing information, thinking outside of the box, and finally having the veil lifted from things that have been in front of you the whole time. This air moon could also pave the way for you to express yourself authentically. Aquarius energy is all about individuality, so it will urge you to embrace your uniqueness and share it with the world!⁠

This Full Moon in Aquarius is also a Supermoon, which means its energy will be amplified. It also falls on Lammas/ Lughnasadh, the first pagan harvest festival, making it a great time to celebrate all of the hard work you've put in this year so far. Be mindful of your accomplishments so far this year, and take some time to plan out the rest of your year to achieve your goals. ⁠