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Full Supermoon in Sagittarius- June 14, 2022

Full Supermoon in Sagittarius- June 14, 2022

On June 14th, the Full Moon in Sagittarius arrives, bringing exciting energy. It is a Supermoon, meaning it will appear closer to us in the sky, which will intensify its effects! This Full Moon is known as the Strawberry Moon, and it's sure to sweeten the atmosphere just a bit. Full Supermoon in Sagittarius- June 14, 2022

Sagittarius energy is big, adventurous, fiery, and optimistic, which will all be brought in by this month's Full Moon. This Supermoon is perfect for big manifestations- think about your big-picture or long-term goals. Take some time to write down your big goals and put as much emotion into them as possible- How will you feel when you accomplish this goal? What will your life be like once you accomplish this goal? What doors will open for you once you accomplish this goal? Tapping into this Sagittarius energy could make it easier to take a risk when it comes to accomplishing these goals, so be open to that possibility, should it arise. This is also a time of growth and abundance, so celebrate how far you've come so far this year while also looking towards the second half of the year to see where you still need to expand. 

As this is a Strawberry Moon, love and luck could be intensified. Focus on your close relationships during this time and make sure that you are giving- and receiving- what you need from each connection you make. Remember to practice self-love during this Full Moon by taking some time to pamper yourself or indulge in something that brings you pure happiness. 

Love and Light,


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