Ice Spells for Banishing or Divination

Ice Spells for Banishing or Divination

Ice magick is used to create boundaries, protection, and cool heated situations, much like water magick. However, it’s more intense and focused. So, if you need to freeze someone out, ice magick is definitely the way to go. Here are some of our favorite ice magick spells!

Ice Spell for Banishing

We sometimes joke about throwing people in the freezer. And sometimes we actually do it! This is how: Take the name of a person you’d like to enforce a boundary with and write it on a piece of paper. Fold the paper three times away from yourself. Then, place the paper in a small plastic container or zip bag and add water. Don’t fill it to the top, as the water expands as it freezes. And don’t use a glass jar – it will shatter.

Recite this spell with the water-filled container in your hands:

As ice slowly forms in water’s place,

These actions are frozen in time and space.

You can modify the words to fit your situation or even name the person in it. This spell is also great for helping you stop bad habits. Just like fire magick, ice magick can be both consuming and creative.

Ice Scrying for Divination

Here’s a fun way to use ice magick for divination. Fill a bowl or cauldron with water. Next, place one ice cube in the bowl and stir the water clockwise with your finger.

Recite this spell as you stir:

My third eye is open and ready to receive,

Messages, wisdom, and images which I perceive.

Gaze into the vessel and see what images or symbols appear as the ice starts to melt in the swirling water. You may notice shapes in the ice or cracks that reveal messages for you only!

Choosing Water for Your Ice Magick

Remember, there are no hard and fast rules about practicing magick as far as the witches here at IGC are concerned. You can use plain tap or filtered water for your ice magick, or go through your moon water, melted snow water, or stormwater collection to find the proper water for the spell. Just remember, if you add salt or other ingredients to the water before freezing, it will impact how the water freezes. In fact, salt will prevent a hard freeze to the ice.

How will you practice ice magick?