Ostara for the Busy Witch

Ostara for the Busy Witch

You’re a busy witch and may not have time for a full-blown ritual. So, here’s how to celebrate Ostara quickly while still honoring the sabbat properly!

Ostara falls on or around March 20th on the day of the Spring Equinox. On this day, both day and night are of equal lengths. After the Equinox, the days will continue to get longer and the nights shorter.

The energy of this time is all about vitality, fertility, abundance, growth, new possibilities, and opportunities. The world is awakening after the winter. The baby animals are being born, so we’ve got baby bunnies, ducks, and chicks in the world. And the whole world is in pastel. It’s soft, balanced, and calm, but it has potential!

Color & Décor for Ostara

Pastels are everywhere! Light green, yellow, lavender, pink, and light blue are perfect for this time of year. As you think of home and altar décor for Ostara, they’re the same as Easter. So, if you're on a budget, it’s pretty easy to find décor that works for Ostara in those dollar bins at Target that we all love!

We have the early Christian church to thank for the beginning of spring traditions smashed into Easter: egg hunts, baby bunnies and chicks, and even the Easter bunny, but at least that makes it easy to find cute bunny figurines and egg dyeing kits!

Symbols for Ostara

  • Rabbits – fertility of the season
  • Baby animals – new beginnings
  • Flowers – growth & abundance
  • Eggs – rebirth
  • Seeds – growth & possibility
  • Bees – connection, life & guidance
  • Butterflies – transformation (Butterflies are the ultimate symbol of transformation!)

Herbs, Oils & Scents for Ostara

  • Florals – Lily, violet, jasmine, and rose, especially. Any floral scent will invoke that soft, balanced, loving energy for new transformations as we unfold from the winter and start trying new things.
  • Bergamot – optimism & happiness
  • Spearmint – trust & support. Spearmint is perfect if you want a fresh beginning, a new adventure, or you’re starting a new project.
  • Fresh-cut grass, clean linen, or fresh cotton-scented candles
  • Lemon: Cleansing & peace

Anything that reminds you of spring is perfect, so feel free to get creative with your scents, oils, and herbs. 

Gemstones for Ostara

  • Moss agate – Growth, abundance, life & longevity. This is Morgan’s favorite gemstone for this time of year. It looks like the earth, and fresh green, new growth.
  • Rose quartz – Calming & comfort. Rose quartz is so gentle for this time of year, especially if you want to head in a different direction or try something new.
  • Herkimer diamonds – Rebirth & balancing energy
  • Copper – Optimism, fertility, reaching goals, & adding warmth to your life. 

Magickal Practices & Easy Magick for the Busy Witch

This is the time to plant seeds for what you want to achieve this year. If you set any intentions at Imbolc, now’s the time to create an action plan to help those intentions come to fruition.

Other magickal practices you can do for this time of year include:

  • Gardening – Planting actual seeds.
  • Coloring eggs – Celebration and new beginnings.
  • Bury an egg at your front door to bring abundance to your home for the whole year.
  • Add crushed eggshells to your garden to bless it and add nutrients to the soil!
  • Spring Cleaning. You want to make room for these new opportunities and the transformation coming. Clean out anything that no longer resonates with you so new blessings can flow in without any roadblocks.
  • Spend time outside. It’s the easiest and cheapest way to celebrate Ostara. Go out in the sun, ground into the earth, and feel the awakening of the life around you. Connecting yourself back to Mother Earth can be so healing.

By the way, one of Morgan’s favorite fun facts about Ostara and coloring eggs is this:

If you have chickens, you know they stop laying eggs in the winter. When our ancestors would see eggs in the nests again, it was the first sign that winter was ending. They would gather the eggs, and then, during the springtime celebration, they would let the children color them to celebrate making it through the winter. That’s how they became associated with Ostara and Easter!

Spells for Ostara

The following spells are perfect for this time of year. Draw from the gentle yet transformational energy of Ostara for:

  • Fertility spells
  • Money drawing spells
  • Abundance spells
  • Balance spells – Especially on the Equinox itself.
  • New beginning spells 

And, as always, remember that YOU are the magick. May you have a blessed Ostara!