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Romancing the Stone: The Tears of a Mermaid

Morgan Moss

Posted on May 18 2018

Sea glass, commonly known as mermaid tears, come to us from a fantastic time; A time of Zeus and Neptune, Hera and Athena; A time of drama, romance, and tragedy; A time of imagination, full of creatures such as the kraken, and more enchantingly, the mermaid. The Tears of a Mermaid: The Story of Sea Glass

It is said that mermaids would follow our ships for protection. Sometimes, a mermaid would even fall in love with a particularly handsome and charismatic sailor. Zeus, however, was a jealous God. He considered mermaids to be his own prize. If Zeus discovered his mermaid loved another, she would be banished to the depths of the sea. Her tears, glass of assorted colors, would wash ashore as the last vestige of a forbidden love.

Now sea glass does not necessarily contain metaphysical properties. However, it can be given as a token of love. A token of safe travel even, particularly if someone is traveling by sea. What intrigues me is the story of the glass itself. Once a prized bottle, dish, or decorative ornament; tossed out to sea to be broken. Sharp edges, perhaps the sharp edges of despair or resentment, smoothed out over time. Completely changed, yet resilient and beautiful! So, sea glass contains a lesson and a story of its own. To be gifted something so lovely by the sea, is surely a sign of divine intervention.

Do you have any mermaid tears? What do they mean to you?


Author Bio: Romancing the Stone Series on the Inked Grimoire

JessNamaste works to bring love and light to those around her.  This series, “Romancing the Stone”, is her first time sharing her knowledge and experience with the metaphysical world. JessNamaste has always spoken the language of the earth, crystals and stones.  We hope her knowledge will bring you not only information, but inspiration as well!  If you want to get to know her more through her experiences, or send her a message directly, please visit JessNamaste.

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