Room-by-Room Guide to Cleansing Your Home

Room-by-Room Guide To Cleansing Your Home

Have you been looking for inspiration for cleansing your home that goes beyond a smoke cleanse? We’ve got you covered with different ways to cleanse the major rooms in your home, from the kitchen to the bedrooms. Read on for recipes, tips, and tricks for a magickally cleansed home. 

Cleansing the Kitchen

Salt Bowls

The kitchen is one of the easiest places to cleanse energy in your home. After your “muggle cleaning,” add a dish of salt to the corner of your kitchen to absorb negative vibes. Just be sure not to confuse it with an ingredient for cooking! Add a few protective herbs or sliced lemon or limes to the dish. And be sure to keep it out of reach of little hands and familiars – this is not salt for eating.

Floor Wash

Here’s a simple floor wash for your kitchen and any other room with hard floors.

  •         1 bucket of warm water
  •         ½ cup of vinegar
  •         A few drops of dish soap
  •         10 drops of your favorite essential oil

Rosemary is one of my favorite oils for cleansing, so if you’re stuck deciding, give this one a try.

Crystals for the Kitchen

You can also place crystals for positivity in your kitchen. Citrine, golden calcite, jade, and rhodochrosite are great choices.


Cleansing the Dining Room

Many of the same techniques used to clean your kitchen can be used in the dining room, especially if the two spaces are joined.

Sound Cleansing for your Dining Room

The dining room is a great place for sound cleansing as opposed to smoke or sprays. Since this is where you likely eat most of your meals, smells from smoke and spray cleanses may interfere with your enjoyment of food. Use a bell, tuning fork, or singing bowl to cleanse the room of negative energy before and after a dinner party for happiest results.

Crystals for the Dining Room

Consider placing some of these crystals in the dining room to help keep the bad vibes out during conversation and socialization. Amazonite, amethyst, citrine, clear quartz clusters, tabular quartz, and turquoise may all be helpful in the dining room. 


Living Room Cleansing Tips

Carpet Sprinkle Cleanses

In your living room, you can try a carpet sprinkle on carpeted surfaces or your rug. Use a mix from our shop or create your own by combining salt and herbs for protection and cleansing together in a bowl. Sprinkle the mix on your carpet just before vacuuming. Use the vacuum to clean up all the sprinkle, leaving the magick behind. Just be sure to lock familiars up during the process so they don’t eat the sprinkle while you do your work.

Crystals for Family Harmony in Living Rooms

You may find that placing amazonite, angelite, blue lace agate, lapis lazuli, pink calcite, rose quartz, and/or sodalite in your living room will keep the space feeling harmonious.


Cleansing Bathrooms

Floor Washes with Lemon

You can use a floor wash in your bathroom and may want to add some lemon juice depending on the surface you’re cleaning. Lemon can bleach natural materials, so avoid it on wood or unsealed tile surfaces.

Light White Candles

Add some white candles to your bathroom for a peaceful vibe during baths and to provide cleansing energy. White candles are perfect for driving out negative vibes.

Crystals for Aura Cleansing in the Bathroom

Cleanse your aura while you clean your body in the bathroom with these five crystals. Amethyst, rose quartz, selenite, howlite, and kyanite are perfect for the bathroom. Just be careful not to expose dissolvable crystals (like selenite) to water. 


Cleansing Your Bedrooms

Spray Cleansers

Cleansing sprays are wonderful for the bedroom, especially when you mix sage and lavender together. When my daughter was little, I used a lavender room spray that I labeled “Monster Go Away Spray” and it worked to both clear the room and settle her down for the night.

Simply combine your preferred oils with sterilized water. Shake the bottle before each use and spray around the room. You can even spritz sheets and pillowcases with your spray as long as you or your loved ones aren’t allergic.

Crystals for Peace in the Bedroom

Place angelite, blue lace agate, and clear quartz in bedrooms for peaceful sleep and serene vibes.