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Shields and Sigils for Empaths

Shields and Sigils for Empaths

As an empath, protection is vital. Not only can you take on the energies of those around you, but they can also manifest negative health symptoms and mental strain. We love to use crystals, herbs, and oils to protect ourselves, but many protection methods are at your disposal. So here are a few more ways to protect yourself from those bad vibes.

Shields and Sigils for Empaths

Psychic Shield Meditation

One of the quickest and arguably easiest ways to shield yourself is through meditation and visualization practices. Imagine a bubble of bright light surrounding you. You can even choose its color based on your goals:

  • Red for courage
  • Orange for energy
  • Yellow for strength
  • Green for healing
  • Blue for peace
  • Indigo for balance
  • Purple for spirituality
  • Pink for health
  • Brown for stability
  • Gold for divine masculine energy
  • Silver for divine feminine energy
  • White for protection
  • Black for cleansing

As you imagine the light around you, remind yourself that you can breathe and see through the energy without effort. Feel it strengthen and grow, surrounding your body with a protective barrier.

You can also add a mantra to your meditation or visualization practice. Phrases like “I am the light,” “I am protected,” and “I am safe” are excellent mantras for empaths. 

Lotion Sigils

Create your own sigils or do a little research to find a sigil that is meaningful to you. Then, use your lotion (or oil roller bottle) to trace it directly on your skin. You can use a pentacle as a multipurpose sigil for protection and spiritual balance. Other ideas include a simple Thor’s hammer, a Helm of Awe, an evil eye, crossed spears, or arrows. 

Of course, if you want to create your own sigils, they will have all of your intention and power behind them!


Coffee and Tea Protection

You can also use sigils in your coffee or tea. Simply trace the sigil with your spoon to infuse your brew with more magick. Add some cinnamon to your coffee for protection, or brew a tea with clove to ward against harmful gossips. Ginger tea may help prevent nightmares, and tea with a bit of star anise may protect you from dark energy and negative vibes. 

As always, you are the magick, so adapt these recommendations to fit your needs and practice.
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