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The Magick of Leap Day

The Magick of Leap Day

There’s magick in every day if you want to tap into it. There’s something special about Leap Day, though, and it has its own energy you can tap into for your intentions and practice. Let’s dive into this special “in-between” day!

The Magick of Leap Day

What is Leap Day?

The Earth’s orbit around the sun is technically 365.2422 days. Every four years, we’re given an extra day to balance out the calendar and reset it. If we just threw that 1/4 of a day each year and never made up for it, eventually, the seasons would shift, and it would mess up our harvesting and planting schedules, so it’s pretty important.

In fact, Hebrew, Chinese, and Buddhist calendars all contain Leap Days, and Julius Caeser is credited with adding a Leap Day to the calendar, but really, he just stole it from the Egyptians, who had a 365-day solar calendar with a Leap Day every four years.

The Magick of Leap Day

Leap Day is a day primed for you to shoot for the moon, take a leap of faith, begin something exciting, go on an adventure, or add some “extra” to your life and pamper yourself a bit. It gives you an extra day to get shit done, do something out of the norm, or an extra day to be extra!

You can also view it as a hidden day, since it stays hidden for three years and pops up in year 4. Lost-and-found spells are great for Leap Day. You can also use the day to reveal hidden talents, reveal hidden secrets, or bury secrets even deeper until the next Leap Day, four years from now.

Spells that help you gain clarity on a decision you need to make or find out more information about something you want to explore are two more options for practicing magick on Leap Day.

Numerology of Leap Day

When you add 2 + 9, you get 11, which is actually a master number. It’s associated with greater power, potential, truth, intention, and spirituality. All these energies can be accessed more easily on Leap Day!

You could lean into this energy by practicing divination or meditation, such as card pulls, meeting with your guides or higher self for messages, and dream magick. Pay attention to your dreams, as that’s where messages from the spirit world and your higher self tend to come through.

Other Ideas for Leap Day Magick

Focus on your long-term goals and ideas. This goes hand-in-hand with taking that leap of faith for Leap Day. Take a step back and see if there’s a leap or plan you can take.

Amplifying your spells or practices is another excellent way to tap into the energy of Leap Day.

It’s also a great day to reset yourself or your energy since the day actually resets the calendar!

Leap Day is also considered a liminal space, almost like an extra day between space and time. Since it’s this in-between space, it’s a great day for astral travel, spirit communication, and working fairy magick. The veil is a little thinner on Leap Day, too; not as thin as Samhain or Beltane, but thinner than most days.

And Leap Day is considered a lucky day! If you make a good luck charm on Leap Day, it will have more energy and magick.

A Spell for Leap Day

Here’s a simple way to tap into the energies of Leap Day. Start by pulling the Fool card from any tarot deck. It’s the leap of faith card – he’s taking a journey and doesn’t really know what to expect. Set the card on your altar so you can sit in front of it. What you’re going to do is sit before it and meditate.

In front of the card – far enough way so nothing catches fire – light a mini candle or tea light. Use a yellow one for focus or intuitive wisdom, or a purple candle for divine guidance or spirituality. A white candle is just fine if you don’t have either color.

Relax and get comfortable. Start staring at the candle flame; you’ll begin to relax as you gaze at it. You’ll still see the Fool card behind it, and the two will become one. This is when you’ll relax enough to enter a meditative state and open yourself for guidance.

You can ask a question beforehand, such as, “What are the messages I need to receive right now?” Of course, cast a circle and protect yourself first.

Write down anything you receive: images, words, full-on instructions for your next step, or beyond. If nothing comes to you, that’s ok. Pay attention to the synchronicities around you over the next few days – that could be your guides communicating with you!

Remember, Leap Day brings us greater power and potential. Use the energy to tap into your higher self!

Stay magickal,
Megan W.

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