The Magick of Nature Walks

The Magick of Nature Walks

Walking through the woods or along a beautiful shoreline can help you develop a deeper appreciation of nature and all of its gifts. We witches are often called to align with the natural world, so it’s the perfect opportunity to stretch your legs and explore the magick around you. Try taking a nature walk soon to discover some of the natural wonders nearby. Be sure to collect some items and memories along the way!

Magickal Elements for Your Altar

Along your walk, keep an eye out for items that can be used on your altar or in your magickal practice. Sticks, for example, make great natural wands. Collect some dirt in a small jar for grounding spells and, since you’re a witch, I probably don’t have to encourage you to pick up a few rocks that catch your eye.

Other items that make for interesting altarpieces and spell items include shed snakeskin (please be careful – where there’s skin, there’s been a snake!), empty hornets’ nests, snail shells, acorns, pecans, pine cones, and wildflowers.*

*If you’re visiting a nature preserve, please adhere to all local laws and do not collect items if it’s illegal to do so there.


Try Wildcrafting

You can create beautiful wreaths and other decorative pieces using items found on your walk. For instance, reeds or long grasses can be woven together for an arrangement or wreath. Evergreens provide beautiful, fragrant branches for natural décor.


Forage for Ingredients

I highly suggest you take a foraging class from a local expert before harvesting plants in the wild. Once you’ve received qualified instruction – and you can ensure that the plants haven’t come in contact with pesticides – wild berries and other edible items can be found on your nature walks and used in your kitchen.** You may find other inedible ingredients for your spellwork, too.

**Please exercise caution when foraging for edible ingredients. We are witches, not doctors, and we can’t tell you what’s healthy and safe in your area. Consult a local foraging expert and be safe!


Commune with the Animals

While you shouldn’t bring a squirrel home, they can be lots of fun to watch in the wild. Observing animals in their natural habitat and appreciating the magick they possess can help you feel grounded and at one with nature. Make a note of the animals you see on your walk and research their magickal correspondences when you return home. Mother Nature may have given you a message that you just need to decipher!


Meditate with the Trees

Find a big tree to lean against and meditate under its branches. Its natural grounding magick will help you feel secure while in meditation. You can also spend time with the trees when you journal or draw in your sketchbook. Being outside may even inspire more creativity in your day!

We hope this blog inspires you to go on your own nature walk soon!