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Types of Spells

Types of Spells

There are as many types of spells as there are witches – because we all practice our magick differently! However, some spell types are more well-known than others.

Candle magick, ritual baths, and herbal spells are familiar to most of us in the magickal community, so let’s examine some spells that use a container as part of the casting process. Hopefully one or more will be new for you and will enhance your practice!

Types of Spells

Envelope Spells

Envelope Spells are a simple way to perform magick. Pick an envelope color that matches your intention. Decorate it with symbols, sigils, or whatever you like. You can also leave it plain. Insert items and add your intention.

Use gemstone chips, herbs, personal items, or images that reflect what you want to manifest. Use a wax color that matches the intention, and carefully seal the envelope. Place the envelope on your altar, somewhere out of sight, safely burn it, or bury it to let it do its work.

Jar Spells

Also called Witch Bottles, Jar Spells date back to 17th century England. They began as protection FROM witches, filled with items such as herbs, nails, thorns, and even urine. They were buried in the walls or underneath the hearth of a home to ward off dark magick.

Today, witch bottles and jars can be used as a tool for any kind of spell. After cleansing the container, place herbs, stones, talismans, and personal effects that resonate with your intention inside the container. Seal the bottle with candle wax and, if you’d like to, place a charm around the jar or bottle to designate its energy. Store it away, out of sight, or bury it to work its magick.

Bag Spells

To cast a bag spell, you’ll need a bag to begin. Choose it based on its material and color. For instance, velvet is a great material for abundance spells, while flannel is a thick material for heavier ingredients. If you choose to create your own bag, speak your intentions or visualize your magick over the stitches as you sew. If you’re a Busy Witch, readymade is just fine!

Depending on your intention, add items, gemstones, and personal effects to the bag. Tie it a few times, infusing each knot with your purpose. Add a charm to the outside if you’d like, and carry the bag with you on your person, handbag, or tote.

Witch’s Knot Spells

A knot spell is a straightforward spell used to focus your energy for a particular intention. It can be used for any spell. Choose a cord, string, or small bit of rope that you can easily tie knots into. The cord should measure at least 9 inches long. The color of the cord can match your intention, or a white cord can be used for any spell.

You will tie 9 knots into the cord, and with each knot, say the line of the spell for that knot. Visualize your intention becoming a reality. When you’re finished, carry the knot spell with you, bury it, or keep it on your altar to help manifest it! 

Mirror Box Spells

Mirror boxes are helpful for spell reversals or curses. To practice this kind of spell, cleanse your mirror first. From now on, once you have cleansed the mirror, do not look into it! Write the name of your enemy BACKWARDS on a piece of paper. Gather a personal item, graveyard dirt, baneful herbs, talismans, or other items to add to the box.

Light a black, reversing, or hexing candle on top of or near the box (make sure it’s safely placed to avoid fires). Add items to the box. Infuse the mirror with energy that the energy your enemy has cast toward you will return to them, or recite your own curse or spell. When you are done, close the box, tie it shut, and bury it outside – preferably in a graveyard. Do not look back at the box once you bury it.

Which type of spell are you excited to try?

Stay magickal,
Megan W.

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