Your Magickal Phrase

Your Magickal Phrase

Have you ever wondered if a simple phrase could amplify your magickal practice? In the latest episode of "Busy, Gritty, Inked, and Witchy," Morgan dives deep into the enchanting world of magickal phrases. These are not just any words; they are powerful statements that can send your intentions soaring into the universe.

Morgan begins by explaining what a magickal phrase is. It’s a phrase, quote, or word that makes your magick explode. Think of it as a magickal push that gives your spells an extra boost. While not a necessity, a magickal phrase can enhance your practice by raising your magickal vibe and making you feel powerful.

Morgan shares her personal journey of discovering her magickal phrase, “How crazy would it be if...” This phrase came to her during a fun single-card pull she was doing for herself, but she then utilized it in a moment of frustration when she was trying to get a shipment delivered that was delayed because of a workers' strike. Despite casting several spells, nothing seemed to work until she let go of her desperation and asked, “How crazy would it be if my packages were found among the thousands?” To her surprise, it worked, and her packages were checked in within hours.

The key to a successful magickal phrase, according to Morgan, is pure energy and intent. It’s not just about the words but the energy you associate with them. Whether it’s a phrase from a favorite movie, a line that gives you goosebumps, or something uniquely yours, the phrase must resonate with your energy. Morgan emphasizes that the phrase should make you feel witchy, powerful, and ready to send your intentions into the world.

Morgan also touches on the topic of affirmations, explaining why they may not work for everyone. For those who struggle with affirmations, she suggests using the phrase “I choose” to help align your intent with your energy.

To find your own magickal phrase, Morgan recommends asking yourself questions like, “How do I want to send my spell into the world?” and “What fun can I add to my words?” She encourages listeners to release judgment and embrace whatever phrase resonates with them, even if it comes from a TV show or movie.

Common magickal phrases include “Blessed be,” “So mote it be,” and “As above, so below.” However, Morgan reminds us that the most important thing is that the phrase resonates with your energy and makes you feel powerful.

So, whether you’re a seasoned witch or a beginner, this episode is packed with insights and tips to help you discover your own magickal phrase. Tune in to "Busy, Gritty, Inked, and Witchy" and let Morgan guide you on this magickal journey. Your spells might just become more powerful than ever!