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Click Here to RSVP to our Beltane Live Gemstone Sale - May 11, 2024
Click Here to RSVP to our Beltane Live Gemstone Sale - May 11, 2024

The Keys to Magickal Living Virtual Gathering

Hello and Welcome!

I want you to visualize something with me:

A group of eclectic witches, spiritual beings, and open-minded folk gather in a magickal clearing in the forest. Some sit on blankets sprawled out on the ground, some sit in chairs, and some stand at the base of the Tree of Knowledge. Butterflies circle around, passing on kisses to the patrons before flying off to flowers growing nearby. A slight breeze blows, keeping everyone relaxed but alert, soaking in the events of the day. Next to the Tree of Knowledge, a speaker is sharing their knowledge with everyone. When that speaker is done, a new topic is presented and a new soul stands up to share their knowledge. There is no judgment here at the Tree of Knowledge- just spiritual beings with a thirst to learn, expand, and explore new ways of viewing the world.

Now picture this in an online setting, with attendees gathering in the comfort of their own homes, but the same positive vibe radiates from our event, through their device to each of them.

Welcome to The Keys to Magickal Living Virtual Gathering!

Who am I?

I'm Morgan, owner of Inked Goddess Creations, and eclectic busy witch of 20+ years. I wanted to organize and host this virtual gathering as a way for people of all spiritual walks of life to come together and learn how to live their life a little more magickally.

From those beginning on their spiritual path to seasoned witches with decades of practice, The Keys to Magickal Living will have something for everyone!

Who are the speakers?

We have witches, spiritual beings, and magickal folk from all walks of life and belief paths to share their personal key to magickal living with you!

Morgan Moss, Owner of Inked Goddess Creations

Key: Embracing a Magickal Life

Morgan is an eclectic kitchen witch who follows the Avalonian Tradition. She’s a lightworker, and leads the Inked Spirit community where members are encouraged to live a magickal life every day. Morgan is our host and will be leading us through a practice to integrate all the Keys to Magickal Living into our daily lives.

Lisa Marie Grantham, Founder of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan®

Key: Goddesspreneur- Doing Business Like a Goddess

Lisa is an intuitive business coach for conscious women. She helps women tap into their feminine power to live a life that’s more grace-filled, fulfilling, and joyful. Lisa will be chatting about being a Goddesspreneur - Doing Business Like a Goddess.

You can find out more about Lisa here.

Megan Winkler, The Good Business Witch

Key: Conscious Leadership

Megan works with female entrepreneurs who are out to change the world. As a business coach, she helps women own their voice, break down the barriers that stand in the way of expressing themselves, and create a brand that ripple-effects into the community to make the world a better place. Megan will be helping us learn how Conscious Leadership and Magickal Living go hand in hand.

You can find out more about Megan here.

The Hoodrat Hippie

Key: The Magick of Cannabis

The Hoodrat Hippie is a gifted intuitive Tarot and oracle card reader. Her YouTube channel includes regular card readings and magickal unboxings. She offers one-on-one readings and leads The Cussin’ Card reader community online. She will be discussing the Magick of Cannabis.

You can learn more about The Hoodrat Hippie here.

Michael Herkes, The Glam Witch

Key: Witchy Self-Care

Michael is the author of The GLAM Witch, The Complete Book of Moon Spells, and Witchcraft for Daily Self-Care. He’s also a contributing writer and graphic designer for Witch Way Magazine. He follows the Lilithian Path and has a deep-rooted fascination with the moon, snakes, and femininity that led him to his witchy ways. Michael will be teaching us about Witchy Self-Care.

You can find out more about Michael here.

Ethony, Tarot Reader & Modern Witch

Key: The Magick of Tarot

Ethony is a Tarot reader, author, teacher, and modern witch. She’s the author of Your Tarot Court and has created four Tarot and three Oracle decks. She’s the headmistress of the Tarot Readers Academy that has over 10,000 students. She helps awakened souls around the world with Tarot, Oracle cards, magick, and spiritual tools. Ethony will be helping us understand more about the Magick of Tarot.

You can read more about Ethony here.

Shannon, Erthy Bruja

Key: Spiritual Baths

Shannon is a Bruja, ordained minister, and mentor who offers Tarot and Past Life Readings as well as Facilitated Spiritual Baths and multiple Blessing rituals. She loves all things “Erthy” and connecting with Mother Earth. Shannon will be helping us learn about Spiritual Baths.

You can learn more about Erthy Bruja here.

Dr. Heather Bartos, OB/GYN & Podcaster

Key: Sexual Empowerment

Dr. Bartos is a certified OB/GYN and the voice behind The ME Spot Podcast. She’s on a mission to revolutionize the healthcare industry AND help women find their own definition of sexy. Dr. Bartos will teach us how to embrace our own Sexual Empowerment.

You can find out more about Heather here.

Ashley Emerson, Tattoo Artist

Key: Spirituality & Tattoos

Ashley is an award-winning tattoo artist currently based in Kansas City, Missouri. He’s been tattooing for twelve years now and specializes in large body statement pieces. He is a co-owner of Definitive Tattoo Gallery, Kansas City’s premier tattoo shop. Ashley will be chatting about Spirituality and Tattoos.

You can see Ashley's work and connect with him here.

Kacy Meinecke, Professional Photographer

Key: The Moxie of Manifestation

Kacy's philosophy is simple. First - be yourself. Second - be badass. She specializes in corporate and executive photography and has built the life of her dreams - including her amazing witchy all-black house! Kacy’s work has appeared in SPLURGE! Magazine and The Guardian. Kacy’s session is all about the Moxie of Manifestation.

You can find out more about Kacy here.

Allison Olivia Moon, Artist

Key: Magick, Creativity, and the World Around You

Allison is a New York City based content creator whose creative focuses include photography and film. She (and her cat Paloma) can be found on Instagram and Youtube sharing her unique look on life and how she lives mindfully and magickally. Allison will help us learn more about Magick, Creativity, and the World Around Us.

You can connect with Allison here.

Josh Lindsay, Entrepreneur and Creator of the Modern Mystics Tarot Deck

Key: Finding Meaning in the Mundane

Josh describes himself as The Fool. He’s had many adventures in life and business and experienced all the ups, downs, and all arounds of the entrepreneurial journey. He created the Modern Mystics Tarot by trusting the Universe and his own willingness to step off the cliff completely unprepared, just like The Fool card. Josh’s session is a fun and diverse one, focused on Finding Meaning in the Mundane.

You can learn more about Josh and the Modern Mystics Tarot Deck here.

Trista Edwards, Poet & Founder of Marvel + Moon

Key: The Magick & Ritual of Writing

Trista is the author of Spectral Evidence, a witchy, mystical collection of original poetry. She transposes her joy of collecting tiny elemental memory markers to her love of the flame with Marvel + Moon. She offers charged, hand-poured candles and Ritual Writing with Magickal Objects collections to inspire others to creativity and the ritual of writing. Trista’s session focuses on the Magick and Ritual of Writing.

You can find out more about Trista here.

We have 13 speakers for this gathering, which is magickal in itself. There are 13 lunar cycles in a year, leading to the number 13 also representing the Divine Feminine. Many covens also contain 13 members, and in numerology, the number 13 represents building a stable foundation for your future.

We hope The Keys to Magickal Living does just that for you- helps you build a magickal foundation for your future!

We know this weekend will truly be magickal for attendees and speakers!

Sounds amazing, but how much does this cost?

A two-day event like this would normally cost hundreds of dollars for one person to attend.

The pass is only $27 to gain access to all 13 speakers' videos! This VIP Pass also comes with a 45-page PDF download pack that includes worksheets, book of shadows pages, coupon codes, and more from various speakers in the event!

The PDF Bundle VIP Pass Includes

~Access to Speakers' Videos for one year

~PDF Download Bundle of Worksheets, Book of Shadows Pages, Coupon Codes, and More from the Speakers

~Access to the Private Facebook Group

For just $27!

Retail value of this bundle is $390 if all elements were purchased separately.

Purchase Your Pass Here:

Where is the gathering held?

Right here on this page! Once you purchase your pass below, log into your account here at Inked Goddess Creations at the top of the website and then come back to this page. Your access to the gathering's secret member's page will be revealed! The videos are playable from the member's portal!

You must be logged into your account in order for the videos to display. If you are on mobile, you may need to clear your cookies and re-login after you purchase the pass in order to have access to the member's portal.

Will the speakers' videos be live?

The videos are all pre-recorded. The format of each video is a laid-back interview with Morgan about the speaker's topic. The videos are fun and packed with knowledge, but also comforting like a chat with friends.

How do I sign up?

Purchase your pass below for instant access to the videos as well as the PDF bundle!

PDF Bundle VIP Pass-$27

~Access to Speakers' Videos for One Year

~PDF Download Bundle of Worksheets, Book of Shadows Pages, Coupon Codes, & More from Various Speakers

~Access to the Private Facebook Group for the Gathering

Please note:

This event originally happened June 12-13, 2021. The information in the videos is not time-sensitive, which is why we are selling passes even after the event. Some references to new moons or shipping times may no longer be accurate, but the main information given is still very much applicable to life no matter when you watch the videos!