March 2016 Magick Mail Box: Reawakening

March 2016 Magick Mail Box: Reawakening

As winter winds down, you find that your body, mind and soul are ready to reemerge into the light with the coming of spring. The March 2016 box was full of items to help reawaken your spirit, create new beginnings, and explore new ways to grow.

March 2016's Magick Mail Box contained:

  • Aurora's Awakening Mist*- Full-sized 2 oz bottle. Aurora is the Roman Goddess of the Dawn, and this blend of Apple, Honeysuckle, Sandalwood and a touch of Cinnamon helps awaken your senses. $6 Value
  • Reawakening Votive Candle*- Blended with Apple, Honeysuckle and Sandalwood. $2 Value
  • Gemstone Egg- Represents the birth of New Beginnings. $5 Value
  • Reawakening Herbal Green Tea*- 2 tea bag sample of our new loose tea in a tin. $2 Value
  • Lotus Necklace- The Lotus is the ultimate symbol of Rebirth, and reminds us that beauty can be reborn from the darkest of situations. $7 Value
  • Lotus Incense- Full sized box of mini stick incense with incense holder. $4 Value
  • Selenite Wand- Selenite brings peace and clarity of mind and opens your Third Eye and Crown Chakras to receive higher guidance. Perfect for holding during meditation sessions. $6 Value
  • Mini Witch Bottle Kit*- Glass vial, herbs and gemstones to make your own witch bottle to add powerful motivational energy to your goals. Directions with kit. $5 Value

Total Value of the Reawakening March Magick Mail: $37
Shipping Costs Saved: $5

We also offer the Divine Goddess Box, which comes with 4 products that correspond to a Goddess of the month!