May 2024 Inked Goddess Creations Box: Witches' Bazaar

May 2024: Witches' Bazaar

Witches gather in the dark of night,
Hidden from those without magickal sight,
Tooth of a hound, Tears of a man,
Spell ingredients from far off lands,
Blood of the undead, a siren's call,
What wonders await at each vendor's stall?

May's Inked Goddess Creations Box transports you to the Witches' Bazaar, where you will stock up on oddities and wonders for your magickal practice.

  • Siren's Call Bath and Body Oil*
  • Blood of Thine Enemies Tea*
  • Vintage-Looking Incense Burner
  • Vampire's Blood Cone Incense
  • Magick Mushroom Log Votive Candle*
  • Dog Tooth Amethyst Tumbled Gemstone
  • Job's Tears
  • Phoenix Feathers
  • Witches' Bazaar Eclectic Witch Card Expansion*