November 2016 Magick Mail Box: Wicked Witch

November 2016 Magick Mail Box: Wicked Witch

Even the most wicked of witches needs some sweetness and fun in their lives this time of year. The November 2016 Magick Mail box was full of items to help you explore the light side of the dark side.

 The Wicked Witch Magick Mail Box contained (underlined links head to items now available for purchase):

  • Witch's Flying Ointment*        $9 Value
  • Handmade Ouija Board Necklace*   $10 Value
  • Divine Crucible Art Patch from Poison Apple Printshop     $5 Value
  • Wicked Witch Votive*     $2 Value
  • String Poppet     $4 Value
  • Poppet Magick Art Card*    $2 Value
  • Broom Pen    $2 Value
  • Witches Sugar Cookie from Mad Batter Bakery      $3 Value

Total Magick Mail Value This Month: $37
Shipping Costs Saved: $5

We also offer the Divine Goddess Box, which comes with 4 products that correspond to a Goddess of the month!