Practicing Ancestor Magick

Practicing Ancestor Magick

October is the perfect time to begin or renew your ancestor magick practice. Whether you choose to connect with your ancestors through divination or you want to create an ancestor altar, we’ve got you covered. Read on for tips to practice ancestor magick now and throughout the year.

Create An Ancestor Altar

As with all altar set-ups, clean – and cleanse – the space you will use for your ancestor altar. Then, set your intention. For example, will this altar be a connection with your ancestors for the sake of making a connection only? Will it be used to petition them for help in your relationships or your business? Think about why you’re setting up the altar. Keep your intention in mind as you continue your preparations.

Identify Your Ancestral Spirits

Next, identify your ancestors and ancestral spirits. You don’t have to limit your ancestors to just your bloodline. So, if you’re adopted or if you didn’t have a good relationship with certain family members, think outside of the box a bit. You can call on the influencers and teachers in your past who have transitioned to the other side. You can also call on your animal companions from your younger life.

What If You Had Abusive Ancestors?

If the idea of honoring your relatives discourages you, as mentioned before, you don’t have to be related to the ancestors you honor in your magick. For instance, I learned a great deal from studying the works of Thich Nhat Hanh. I consider him a spiritual ancestor – we don’t have anything genetically or family-related in common; however, I learned so much from him that I consider him one of my teachers.

Items to Honor Ancestors

Gather items that resonate with the past and help you connect with your ancestors. For instance, if you have a broach from your grandmother and a handkerchief from your great uncle, these make great altar items. Family photos or even an object that reminds you of a beloved ancestor work well too. If a beloved ancestor loved horses, for example, a little gemstone carving of a horse is a beautiful way to honor them.

Make An Offering

Many people like to include an offering on their ancestor altar. You can use candles, incense, chocolate, water, wine, local flowers, or foods from your ancestral homeland. It’s particularly lovely to include something that your ancestors really liked to consume in the living world, if you happen to know what that is.

Ancestral Prayer or Petition

Include a prayer or petition to your ancestors. You can say this aloud or write it on a piece of paper and place it on the altar. Give thanks to your ancestors for their help, and be sure to keep their altar clean and tidy out of respect.

Simple Remembrance

If a large altar isn’t practical for your lifestyle, create a simple remembrance space for your ancestors. Place their photo beside a white candle and talk to them frequently. You can also add a glass of water or an item that reminds you of them. Then, when not in use, it simply looks like you’ve got a nice picture of grandma displayed on your dresser!

Keep the Communication Open

Our ancestors often come through our dreams or in times of meditation when we focus on working with them. Be open to communication with your ancestors, and be sure to write down your impressions after a dream in which one of them visits you. There may be good information there for you!

Pay attention to little signs from your ancestors too. A feather, an interesting stone on your path, or a visit from an animal guide may be sent from your ancestors. Of course, any divination tools – cards, throwing bones, casting runes, and automatic writing – can also be used in your practice.

Correspondences for Ancestor Magick

As you prepare to practice ancestor magick, the following correspondences may help you.


  • Brown for family connections
  • Purple for hidden knowledge, divination, and intuition
  • Yellow for communication and wisdom
  • Black for protection


  • Wormwood for calling in spirits
  • Cinnamon for spirituality and raising vibrations
  • Bay for psychic abilities and protection
  • Mugwort for prophetic dreams and protection
  • Pine for immortality and renewal
  • Rosemary for remembrance and love


  • Obsidian for scrying and protection
  • Lapis Lazuli for the afterlife
  • Amethyst for intuition
  • Bloodstone for bloodline connection