Witchy Tips for Ghost Hunting

Witchy Tips for Ghost Hunting

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is a ghost tour. Often, you get a hefty dose of the city’s history as well, and it’s one of the best ways to get to know the location you’re visiting. Whether you’re traveling this October or you’re ready to venture out and hunt for ghosts at a local haunted spot, here are some witchy tips to keep you and your companions safe – and having fun! – while hunting up ghosts.

Before You Go

Before you head off on your ghost hunting adventure, take some time to ground and center. Collect any tools you’d like to use when hunting and make sure they’re cleansed and charged. Trace a pentacle in blessed water, oil, or Florida Water on the back of any large objects to offer an added layer of protection. 

It’s also a good idea to grab a charm bag or favorite protective oil blend to protect yourself. I went on a ghost hunting tour once where the guide had Florida Water and cascarilla for us to use at the end of the tour. Combined with a clear protection intention said aloud, we left the tour feeling light and unburdened.


Witchy Tools to Use

As mentioned above, be sure to cleanse and charge any tools you take with you on your hunt. Here are some decidedly witchy ideas for your consideration:

  • Pendulum and pendulum board
  • Spirit board
  • Broom herb for drawing out spirits (This is a tip from Morgan, who likes to toss some up in the wind as a kind of offering and invitation for ghosts to appear!)
  • A fully-charged phone and/or camera
  • External battery (spirits can drain the power for batteries)
  • An audio recorder or ghost box if you want to document sounds in your hunt
  • Charged quartz crystals (because you never know when they might be handy!)
  • Protective tools of your choice

As you pack your witchy tool bag, consider where you’re going, too. If you’re going to a haunted house where a child’s spirit is said to walk the halls, add a toy or ball to your hunting kit. I also like the idea of carrying lavender with you to leave as a thank you when visiting gravesites. A flashlight is also pretty handy when you’re hunting in an extremely dark location.


A Few Practical Tips

Be sure to stay aware of your surroundings. Quiet country roads can be dangerous because there aren’t a lot of streetlamps. 

Most cemetery caretakers have no sense of humor for people who violate their closed times, so please respect those hours. In rural locations, the locals may be on the lookout for trespassers, so stay alert. You don’t want to become a ghost yourself! Trust me, in the right place, all you have to do is walk along the fence line of a cemetery to experience its spirits. 

If there’s a “No Trespassing” sign, don’t trespass. You could get yourself into real legal or physical trouble. 

Take lots of pictures, and be sure to take at least two of each shot. You want to have a before and an after to compare. There have been many times when I felt the presence of someone but didn’t actually see anything until reviewing my photos at the end of the night. 

Pack some insect spray, too, especially if you’re going to be walking through tall grass. You don’t want to bring home any nasty bugs like ticks. 

And take it from this Southern witch – carry a water bottle with you even on cooler nights. That humidity can make you sweat more than you think, and dehydration is a bummer.


Final Witchy Thoughts

Remember that as one in tune with the metaphysical nature of our world, you will be more open to the spirits and ghosts around us. I always recommend a healthy respect for those who have passed on. Don’t walk on graves if you can avoid it, and if you get the sense that a spirit isn’t into communicating with you, let them be. 

You may also encounter entities that were never human. Be safe and remember that you’re the witch in charge, and you have a say in how spirits get to interact with you. Don’t be afraid to tell them, “No,” firmly and straightforwardly. 

Finally, be sure to check in with your companions if they’re more on the muggle side of things. They may be a little freaked about to be ghost hunting with a sensitive witch!


Happy hunting!