Candle Magick

Candle Magick from the Busy, Gritty, Inked, and Witchy Podcast

In our latest episode of Busy, Gritty, Inked, and Witchy, we delved into the enchanting world of candle magick. Whether you're a beginner just starting your magickal journey or a seasoned practitioner looking to refine your skills, this episode has something for everyone.

Candles are a staple in many witchcraft practices because they embody all five elements—earth, air, fire, water, and spirit—in one vessel. This makes them incredibly versatile and powerful tools for setting intentions and casting spells. Morgan explains how each element is represented in a candle and why this makes them perfect for busy witches who need a quick yet effective magickal tool.

One of the first steps in candle magic is selecting the right candle. Morgan breaks down the significance of different candle colors and their corresponding magickal uses. For instance, white candles are all-purpose and can be used for purification and cleansing, while red candles are great for love and courage. She also touches on how to choose candles based on their scents, offering practical advice on how certain fragrances can enhance your spells.

For those looking to take their candle magick to the next level, Morgan shares advanced techniques such as carving symbols or words into the candle and dressing it with oils and herbs. She emphasizes the importance of safety, especially when using flammable materials, and debunks some common misconceptions seen in social media videos.

Candle safety is paramount, and Morgan provides essential tips to ensure your practice is both effective and safe. Always trim your wick to about a quarter of an inch before burning, and never leave a burning candle unattended. She also discusses her views on snuffing or blowing out candles and how it doesn't affect the intention behind your spell.

If you're eager to dive deeper into candle magick, consider joining the Inked Spirit Coven. Morgan offers a special coupon code for podcast listeners to get $5 off their first month. The coven explores various aspects of witchcraft, from basic to advanced techniques, and offers a supportive community for witches of all levels.

In this episode, Morgan combines her 25 years of experience with practical tips and personal anecdotes, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in candle magick. So grab your favorite candle, set your intention, and let the magick begin!