New Moon in Cancer – July 5, 2024

New Moon in Cancer – July 5, 2024

It’s time to dive into the emotional depths of Cancer Season’s vibes with the New Moon in Cancer on July 5th! This phase is all about fearlessly beginning long-term projects, exploring your emotions and creativity—and how they interact with each other—and opening your heart to share your passions, dreams, and ideas with those around you. 

Mercury and Venus are in Leo, granting us extra boldness and confidence in our communication and relationships. And where the two intersect – romantic relationships and close friendships – you’ll likely see some beautiful transformation for the better. Neptune is also in retrograde as of July 2nd, and as the planet of spirituality and dreams, Neptune will help you tap even more into your intuition. What a great combo with the New Moon in Cancer!

This New Moon prompts us to shift to the concerns of the heart. While it’s always great to be logical and reason things out, we can’t be in that mentality all the time. Cancer Season helps us tune back into our hearts and personal magick—the crab is really good at cutting through the noise so we can listen within.

As the ruler of Cancer, the Moon feels right at home in this sign. Just as it reflects the light of the Sun, the Moon also mirrors our emotional states. This is why Cancer is often seen as an intuitive and emotional sign. It's important to remember that all emotions are valid, and it’s okay to express and feel everything. This New Moon in Cancer is a powerful reminder to embrace our emotional and intuitive sides.

Now is the perfect time to tune into your desires, set meaningful intentions, and visualize what you want to manifest over the next 6 or 12 months. The energy of the New Moon in Cancer supports this process, making it an ideal time to focus on your goals and aspirations.

For a more in-depth idea of what’s in store for you, here’s a breakdown based on your Sun and Rising signs:

Aries: Now’s the perfect time to purge your contacts list and start fresh only with the people who nurture and support you.

Taurus: Use this New Moon’s energy to help you see fresh perspectives in your relationships and life.

Gemini: If you’ve been putting off getting your finances in order, the time is now, Gemini! Set some long-term financial goals for your future.

Cancer: This is your New Moon, Cancer! Start fresh in your self-love journey, magickal practice, and personal growth.

Leo: Be more compassionate with yourself and consider setting intentions for more self-love during this New Moon.

Virgo: Set intentions at this New Moon for the social life you’d love to have. This is a great time to build new connections and catch up with friends you haven’t talked to lately.

Libra: If you’ve fallen out of balance lately, this New Moon is perfect for a fresh start to set supportive intentions for yourself as you move into the year's second half soon.

Scorpio: Expansion and self-discovery are on the horizon for you, so set some long-term intentions toward those goals. Maybe going back to school is in the cards for you?

Sagittarius: Your most intimate relationships are the focus of this New Moon. How can you bring freshness into your relationships and romance?

Capricorn: If you’ve lost touch with your friends and loved ones, it’s time to reconnect with them and nourish your emotional side, too.

Aquarius: This New Moon is perfect for setting intentions for good habits – ideally those that replace bad habits! Remember to believe that positive change is possible.

Pisces: The creative spark from Cancer’s emotional depths fuels your imagination and powers of creation this New Moon, Pisces. Make something stunning!

Happy New Moon, witches!
Megan W.