From Love and Light Witch to Gray Witch

From Love and Light Witch to Gray Witch

In this episode of Busy, Gritty, Inked, and Witchy, Morgan takes us on a transformative journey from being a "Love and Light" witch to embracing the complexities of a "Gray Witch." This episode is a raw and honest exploration of how personal experiences and emotions can shape one's magickal practice.

Morgan begins by sharing an epiphany she had during her morning shower—a time she often finds clarity and inspiration. The title "From Love and Light Witch to Gray Witch" came to her, prompting her to revisit a similar episode she recorded back in 2021. She reflects on her journey and how much has changed since then.

In this episode, Morgan delves into the definitions of white, black, and gray magick, emphasizing that magick itself is neutral, and it's the intentions of the practitioner that give it color. She provides insights from a blog post on Inked Goddess Creations, explaining that white magick is generally for positive outcomes, black magick is intended to bring harm, and gray magick lies in the gray area between the two.

Morgan's journey from a "Love and Light" witch to a "Gray Witch" was catalyzed by a series of personal and professional challenges. She candidly shares how these experiences led her to question her spirituality, practice, and path. The turning point came when she realized the power of anger magick. By harnessing the intense energy of emotions like anger and frustration, she was able to manifest her intentions quickly and powerfully.

Setting boundaries became a crucial part of Morgan's practice. She identifies her "oh, hell no" limits—situations where she will no longer respond with love and light but will instead take protective actions. These boundaries include protecting herself, her family, her business, and even her food.

As she explored darker forms of witchcraft, Morgan's perspective on magick shifted. She acknowledges the intoxicating power of harnessing strong emotions and emphasizes the importance of grounding and carefully choosing her words before setting intentions.

In addition to anger magick, Morgan touches on the concept of chaos magick, which involves using whatever tools and energy are available for spells and rituals. She plans to explore this path further from a scholarly standpoint, reading up on it and integrating it into her practice.

Throughout the episode, Morgan encourages listeners to explore all aspects of their emotions and energy. She believes that by denying one side of energy, witches limit their own power and potential. She advocates for breaking down taboos and exploring what is deemed appropriate or inappropriate for each individual.

Finally, Morgan invites listeners to join the Inked Spirit Coven, where she will be guiding members through a year-long journey of magickal knowledge and personal transformation. This community offers a space for witches of all levels to learn, grow, and embrace their authentic selves.

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