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Crafting a Commercial Broom into a Witch's Besom

Crafting a Commercial Broom into a Witch's Besom

'Tis the season for the grocery stores and home decor stores to be filled with decorative brooms, many of them scented- Cinnamon, Pine, and even Pumpkin Spice! I get asked all the time- "Can these commercial brooms be used as besoms?"

The short answer- YES, they can!!

A besom is a witch's broom. Their association with witches dates back to the Middle Ages, as witches were depicted riding brooms at night. Besoms have also been used in handfasting, or marriage, ceremonies since the 19th century. 

Modern day witches use besoms as instruments for energy clearing, protection, astral travel, energy direction and more! (More on that in a moment.)Crafting a Commercial Broom into a Witch's Besom

Many branches of Wicca say that besoms have to be made of a particular wood or set of supplies in order for it to be considered magickal. Handmade besoms can run upwards of hundreds of dollars, and not many people know the ancient art of broom making. In this day and age, the commercial brooms found in chain stores this time of year can definitely be transformed into besoms by a thrifty and crafty witch. 

Many of the brooms available in stores come in scented and unscented varieties. The scent can also play an important role in the intention and energy of your besom!

Cinnamon- Raises the spiritual vibrations of the home. Cinnamon can also help you develop your psychic and spiritual abilities. It is also great for healing energy, protection, and good fortune. Transforming a cinnamon broom into a besom is a great way to start off with these amazing energies and intentions.

Pine- Pine is best used to help purify homes and sacred spaces of negative energy. Pine wards off evil influences and illness. When placed by the main door to a home, it can help ensure happiness and positive energy to all inside. 

Pumpkin Spice- Pumpkins have longed been used as instruments of protection of the home during the time of year when the veil between the worlds is thin. Pumpkin spiced items can bring protection energy into the home, as well as prosperity energy, and can banish negative energy from your sacred space.

So what turns an ordinary decorative broom into a besom?


The magick lies inside of you, so infusing your energy into the broom is what makes it a besom! I recommend starting off by cleansing a commercial broom of energy associated with its mass-production. Some of the ways this can be done are by cleansing the broom with sage smoke, spritzing it with salt water, cleansing and charging it under the full moon, and using a cleansing or altar oil. Once the broom has been cleansed, you can decorate it as you wish. Use ribbons, paint, charms, gemstones, carve symbols into it- whatever your heart desires, to not only infuse your energy into the besom, but charge it with a particular intention. When you are done adorning the besom until it just feels right to you, bless and charge your besom to seal in your intentions. This can be done with an oil of your choice, under the full moon, on your altar, etc. Just follow your intuition.

Once your besom is charged and ready, there are a number of things for which you can use this amazing magickal tool.

Protection- Stand a broom upright by any door (especially the main one you use to enter your home or sacred space) to protect your home and those inside from negative energy.

Cleansing- A besom can be used to metaphysically sweep away negative energy from your sacred space. Always remember to sweep the negative energy outwards from the center of your circle, and move clockwise around your area. Negative energy can then be swept out a door.

Channeling Energy- You can hold a besom in your dominant hand and use it to direct energy (much like a wand) during a ritual or spellcrafting.

Handfasting- Jumping over a besom has been done for hundreds of years as a way to seal the bonds of marriage between 2 people. That besom is then kept in the home by the newlyweds to ensure happiness over the years.

Astral Travel- Holding a broom while meditating in your sacred space and help facilitate astral travel during your meditation session.

A besom is a very versatile tool for a witch, and obtaining or crafting one doesn't have to break the bank!

Happy Crafting!!


Author Bio:

Morgan is the owner of Inked Goddess Creations. When she's not working on store stuff, she enjoys watching ridiculous shows and 80s movies with her kids, cuddling with her dogs- Ariya Stark and John Snow, pretending she's going to take a day off to relax, experimenting in the kitchen, and plotting ways to annoy her husband for the next 18 years, as it has worked so well for them for the last 18. You can read more serious info on the shop's About Us page.

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