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Click Here to Bookmark our Litha Live Gemstone Sale, Now on YouTube- June 15, 2024
Crystal Grids for Cleansing

Crystal Grids for Cleansing

If you’ve never used a crystal grid, you may find that it’s your new favorite tool. In the simplest terms, a crystal grid is an intentional arrangement of your crystals designed to help amp up the natural energy of each stone. Many of the more traditional grids include the Seed of Life and Metatron’s Cube, but there are no set rules to creating a perfect crystal grid. Here are some ideas for using one in your cleansing routine.

Crystal Grids for Cleansing 

Follow Your Intuition

Whether you use a premade grid pattern or you create one for yourself, follow your intuition. You may find that the outside points of a protection or cleansing sigil make the perfect pattern for your grid. Draw the pattern on paper or wood, depending on what you have on hand. Choose your crystals with intention as well, and set your intention. Write the intention on a piece of paper and place it under the center crystal.

As you place each crystal on your grid, charge it with the intention by holding it in your hand and focusing on the intention. Imagine the intention’s energy flowing into the crystal. Once all of your crystals are placed, activate the grid by using your finger, another crystal, or your want to connect the stones by touching each one and drawing a connecting line between each one.


Simple Crystal Grid for Your Home

We love Busy Witch hacks here at Inked Goddess Creations, so here’s an easy way to cleanse and protect your home with a crystal grid. If you live in a house, bury charged clear quartz points at each of the four corners of your home. Charge them with your intention as you would with a smaller grid and bury them with the points up. If you live in an apartment or condo, place a quartz point at each corner of your home. They’ll work just as well!


Crystals for Cleansing

Here are some ideas for crystals that are perfect for cleansing yourself and your space:

  • Clear Quartz: A great multipurpose crystal to have in your collection.
  • Rutilated Quartz: For cleansing chakras.
  • Selenite: For general cleansing or aura work.
  • Chlorite Quartz: For alignment and balance. 

Remember, as with any magickal practice, it is YOUR intention that brings the magick to the ritual. Trust yourself and enjoy! 

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