Fire & Water Gemstones for Summer

Fire & Water Gemstones for Summer

Moving from spring to summer is the perfect time to focus on creating a balance between the fiery energy bursts of passion and creativity, and the flowing serenity of healing and peace. These gemstones can help you bring a piece of both elements of fire and water to your altar and home to create more harmony. 


Attract and manifest what you want in life with Serpentine. This green stone, sometimes called “New Jade,” is perfect for prosperity, love, and healing magick. It can vary from light yellow-green to deep forest green, and resonates with the heart chakra. It can help support healing and is an excellent stone for meditation.



Hold a piece of Larimar in your hand, and you can practically feel the tranquility of the ocean. This soft blue stone is associated with water but is created through fire, thanks to its volcanic origin. It’s formed within basaltic lava, and is an incredibly calming stone that helps you connect with the Divine Feminine. Larimar can help you overcome your fear of doctors, support women emotionally during and after pregnancy, brings peace, and creates balance to overactive Kundalini energy.


Ocean Jasper (Sea Jasper)

Like the ocean, Ocean Jasper is both soothing and powerful. This beautiful stone is associated with unconditional love and, despite its water-themed name, can help light a fire in your heart. Ocean Jasper is a form of chalcedony and comes from Madagascar, where ancient volcano streams created the stone. Ocean Jasper can come in a variety of shades: from muted pink to yellow, black, gold, and bright green.



Sunstone seems to have captured the light and power of the sun itself. Unsurprisingly, it resonates with the solar plexus and sacral chakras. The stone promotes good fortune and luck, and also helps clear energies from all the chakras. Keep one around to help you overcome your fears and reduce stress. Sunstone is also said to increase your vitality and gives you increased ability to say “no” to others when you need to.



This stone resonates with the heart and third eye chakra, and is perfect for connecting with your spirit guides. Lepidocrocite can help cleanse the aura and move negativity out of your space. Use it for kindling love and promoting harmony between your physical and emotional states. You can also use it in prosperity and love spells.


Watermelon Aura Quartz

Few gemstones feel more like summer than Watermelon Aura Quartz. This crystal promotes a healthy immune system, deflects energy drains, and protects you when worn. Watermelon Aura Quartz is a natural quartz covered in natural rare earth elements under high pressure to give it a new, permanent finish. It resonates with the heart chakra and features a beautiful blend of pinks and greens – much like a ripe watermelon!



Fluorite is a highly beneficial stone that cleanses and stabilizes the aura. It can also absorb and neutralize negative energy in your space. Use it to encourage a positive attitude and create balance in your mind and body. The stone the two helps the intuition connect with the rational mind and can be protective when worn or carried in your pocket.



Citrine is a bright, fiery stone perfect for fueling the flames of your imagination, manifestation, and prosperity. It’s one of the few self-cleansing stones as it never holds onto negative energy. Instead, it dissipates negative energy and helps ground the space. It aligns with the sacral and solar plexus chakras and is instrumental in helping you direct your personal power. It may also help you make difficult intellectual decisions since it also resonates with the crown chakra.



Garnet is a protective stone aligned with the planet Mars and the element of fire. It’s is an excellent stone for strength and courage, as well as inspiration and creativity. It can also be a beneficial stone to have by your side during love spells and sex magick. Garnet can come in a wide range of reds and browns as well as green tones. Use it to protect and bring peace, or to stimulate passion, or create successful work relationships.


Polychrome Jasper

Jaspers are known for their relaxing properties, and Polychrome Jasper is no different. The stone is sometimes called Desert Jasper and is a very nurturing gemstone. It can help you navigate conflict, find a gentle resolution to a problem, or stabilize the mind and body after a traumatic event. Polychrome Jasper is associated with the element of fire and can help stir up passion, creativity, energy, and vitality. It aligns with the lower chakras and can help you tune into your personal power. 

Using an assortment of these stones can help create a balance between the fire and water elements in your life. As always, the magick is within you, so tune in to your intuition when choosing which gemstones suit you best.