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Full Blood Supermoon + Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio- May 15/16, 2022

Peaking at 12:15 am ET on May 16th (9:15 pm PT on May 15th) is the Full Moon in Scorpio. This Supermoon will be one full of changes and energetic upheavals, as it is accompanied by a Total Lunar Eclipse, which causes the moon to look red in the sky- hence the term, "Blood Moon." Supermoons can cause emotions to be heightened, and Total Lunar Eclipses are known for causing huge energetic ripples. This Full Moon could be intense, so prepare yourself and try to stay grounded as much as possible! Full Blood Supermoon + Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio- May 15/16, 2022

Full Moon in Scorpio is all about transformation. This Full Moon will shed light on things in your life that you have outgrown or need to let go of- which could include shadow aspects of yourself. Allow the Full Moon light to shine down on them and fully see these aspects for the truth they are bringing you, so you can get ready to release them with the upcoming Waning Moon phase. Don't try and relase them now, during a Full Moon with a Total Lunar Eclipse; instead, just come to terms with what you are being shown, accept and honor that this is for your highest good. Always remember that in order for new beginnings to occur, something must end.

This Full Moon is known as a Flower Moon, which ushers in a time for you to fully bloom into your authentic self. Emotions will run high with this Full Moon, but keep in mind that when emotions are heightened, so is intuition. Try and channel this intense energy into listening to your inner voice- Where do you want to be in life? What steps do you need to take to get there? What needs to be shed in order for you to live your best life? These are all great questions for this Full Blood Supermoon in Scorpio! 


Love and Light,

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