Money Magick Do's and Don’ts

Money Magick Do's and Don’ts

It can be so tempting to tap into money magick; however, it’s one of those practices that should come with a warning label. You can accidentally trigger events that you don’t want to happen! Here are some handy suggestions for casting prosperity and money spells. 

Do: Be Ultra Specific

One of the most important things to remember when casting money and prosperity spells is to be super specific about what you want and how you want it. In other words, if you’d like $10,000 so you can put a down payment on a new car, make sure you specify HOW you want that $10,000 to come to you.

The Universe isn’t discerning when it comes to prosperity and money magick. You could get that $10,000 through a legal settlement from falling and breaking your hip on an escalator or crashing your car into a highway barrier.


Don’t: Leave It To Chance

Keep going if you aren’t sure that you’ve been specific enough in your money magick. Spell out exactly where and how you want the money to come. The last thing you want is for someone to get hurt in the process of your practice.


Do: Look Outside the Box

While money is certainly welcome in our lives, prosperity comes in many forms. Use a green candle in your magick to attract money and prosperity (be specific!) as well as growth, abundance, and good luck.


Don’t: Forget Cinnamon

Okay, this one isn’t a hard and fast rule, but cinnamon is one of the best ingredients for prosperity and attracting wealth. It’s easy to get your hands on – in fact, you probably have it right in your pantry. It also offers protection, so it’s a great choice if you also want to protect your money.


Do: Consider Removing Money Blocks

Sometimes it’s not the flow of money that’s the problem, but the blocks in your way. Before your money or prosperity spell, cleanse yourself through smoke, sound, a ritual bath or shower, or an egg cleanse. You may find that you quickly tap into abundance once the blocks are gone!


Don’t: Lose Patience

Remember, most magick isn’t immediate, so don’t lose patience if it feels like your spell is taking a long time. Spells often take the entire cycle of the moon – or longer! – to come to fruition. Trust that the magick and your intentions are working for you, and go about your life. 

Finally, make sure you recognize abundance as it comes your way. When you pay attention to the gifts from the Universe, more show up!