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Full Moon in Pisces- September 13/14, 2019

Full Moon in Pisces- September 13/14, 2019

On September 14th at 12:32am EDT (September 13th, 9:32pm PST), Full Moon in Pisces arrives and represents a time of exploring your deeper emotions. Water sign Pisces is intuitive by nature and easily sees the feelings that are fueling your actions. This Full Moon is a reminder to slow down so you can recognize your underlying issues and make the journey towards personal healing.
 Full Moon in Pisces- September 13/14, 2019
Last month’s New Moon in Virgo helped you notice what habits you need to change in your routine. If you haven’t kept up with making the adjustments needed to grow on a personal level, then this Full Moon could feel more intense than most. You will be seeing the results of decisions made in the past, and you may be more sensitive and reactive than usual.
The upside of dealing with emotional baggage head-on is that after you face it, you can freely move forward without the extra feelings weighing you down! Be nurturing toward yourself now as you go through the process of exploring your inner world. Spending time in or near moving water would be a great way to help you feel free, relaxed, and remind you of the beauty that can come from going with the natural flow. 
Wishing you a Blessed Full Moon in Pisces! 
-Juliana M. Fanucchi 

Author Bio:
Juliana began studying astrology at a young age.  She believes that through understanding how the planets affect us, we can learn how to use their energies to better ourselves and our lives.  Juliana studies other metaphysical subjects including numerology, tarot, gemstones, and practices Nicherin Buddhism.  In 2016, she earned her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification. She currently resides in Tucson, Arizona. 
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