Bridging The Spiritual Divide: Communicating Safely With The Spirit Realm

Bridging The Spiritual Divide: Communicating Safely With The Spirit Realm

Everyone can communicate with the spirit realm. But doing so can seem daunting to the beginner. With a few preparations and precautions, it can be a safe and rewarding experience. Here’s how to prepare and practice communicating with the spirit realm. 


Protect Yourself 

Simply pulling out a pendulum and asking questions without first protecting yourself opens you up to just about any anything from low vibrational energies to ghosts that you may not want to communicate with. Before you start working with spirits, set your space and protect yourself as you normally do before spell work. You can do this simply by setting a boundary through meditation. Don’t hesitate to call upon your angels before you begin. They can help protect you. 


Set The Scene And An Intention

Be sure to clean your space before you begin as well. Gather your crystals, plants, or other tools about you. You may also want to have a pencil and paper handy, so you can jot down impressions you receive during your session. 

Set an intention for your time and remember: you provide the magick. You also get to decide where the boundaries for your practice are. Being ultra-specific about who you want to hear from, such as a deceased relative, can help to set the scene for a productive and safe communication without interference from other spirits.


Remain Open To Messages 

It’s human nature to jump to conclusions but resist the urge to expect certain messages. Remaining open to any messages from your intended spirit can help you sense more. These messages could come in the form of subtle physical feelings, whispered words in your mind, or gentle nudges. 

If you use a tool for communication, such as a spirit board or pendulum, do so from a calm, centered state of mind. Remember to keep breathing and remember you can stop the communication at any point should you begin to feel uncomfortable.


Close Your Session 

Don’t forget to close out your session when you are done. You don’t want to leave the “door” open for other spirits to come through. Simply say goodbye to the spirit and express gratitude for their time. Then, cleanse your space with the tool of your choice. We suggest sage, a bell, or incense for the closing of your practice. It’s important to close the “door” even if you don’t feel like you made contact with your spirit.


Precautions To Take Before Communicating With Spirits 

Be In The Right Frame Of Mind 

Before you start your session, be sure that you’re feeling positive and that you’re well-rested. If you’re tired, it can be easy to misunderstand messages. And if you’re in a negative frame of mind, you may be more likely to attract negative energies.


Avoid Spirits Who Demand Things From You 

If you feel like a spirit is telling you to only listen to them, cease communication, close out your session, and cleanse your space. Your spirit guides want to help you and won’t try to force anything on you. Spirits with good intentions also don’t try to take control of the communication.


Refrain From Alcohol Or Drugs Before Communicating 

Just like starting a session without protecting your space can open you to a multitude of energies – some bad! – so too can using substances to deepen the experience. Come to your practice with a clear head and a heart full of positive, sober intention. 

As with any magickal practice, communication with spirits can be rewarding. With a few simple precautions, it can be safe as well. Have you ever communicated with spirits? We’d love to hear about your experience.