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How to Magickally Meditate

How to Magickally Meditate

Meditation is one of the best ways to tune into the Element of Spirit. Through meditation, we can connect with our inner selves and with the Universe beyond. With practice, you may find that you love using meditation before making big decisions or when contacting your spirit guides. Read on for a couple of different ways you can meditate in your daily life.

How to Magickally Meditate

How to Meditate with a Guided Meditation

If you’re brand new to meditation, it’s always easiest to begin with guided meditations. Find a YouTube meditation channel or meditation app that you like. I prefer Insight Timer, but there are several free apps available.

Depending on the meditation you’ve chosen, sit or lie down. Make sure you’re in a calm and quiet space. Close your eyes and follow the facilitator’s voice. If your mind wanders, don’t feel bad. Just gently bring it back to the sound of the facilitator’s voice and keep breathing. Meditation is a gentle practice and our brains are used to running in five different directions at once. Please don’t expect to master meditation the first few times you attempt it.

Be sure to try a few different teachers or facilitators to find one you really like. If you start a session and just can’t vibe with their voice, it’s ok to switch it up!


How to Meditate on Your Own

Once you’ve practiced with guided meditation recordings, you may want to try and meditate on your own. Find some soothing music to give yourself something to listen to if your mind just keeps wandering. Set up your meditation space with the tools you’d like to have handy, although you can simply sit on the floor with a regular bed pillow if you prefer.

Set a timer on your phone so you don’t have to worry about how long you’ve been meditating. Close your eyes if it feels comfortable to you and just feel your breath. Allow your awareness to travel to different parts of your body to check in with those parts.

If you’re meditating about a specific subject, bring that subject to mind once you’ve relaxed into your meditation for a few minutes. Listen to the thoughts that come into your mind and, if they happen, the whisperings from the Universe or your spirit guides.


Add More Magick to Your Practice

  • Cleanse: One of my favorite things to do is to cleanse my space before meditating. You can do a full-blown smoke cleanse or you can use your bell or singing bowl to cleanse the room.
  • Crystals: Bring crystals into your practice by laying them on different parts of your body, holding them in your hands, or setting them beside your meditation cushion during a session.
  • Journal: Keep a journal close by to write down your insights and thoughts. This is especially helpful if you’ve decided to meditate about an important decision in your life, relationships, or business. You can also come back to your journal and review previous session insights and go deeper with another meditation.


You Decide How Long to Meditate

It’s not the length of time that’s most important in establishing a meditation practice, but the consistency. Sit in meditation for just a few minutes each session, and over time, you may find that you prefer a longer meditation. And if you keep them to around five minutes each time, that’s great too! Even short meditations yield large results.

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