Magickal Herbs for Spirituality

Magickal Herbs for Spirituality

Herbs have been used throughout human history for everything from insect bites and headaches to sacred rituals and sex magick. These little natural powerhouses offer a wealth of physical and spiritual benefits. So, let’s dive into some more unique herbs that may not yet be in your herb collection!

Holy Basil for Spiritual Balance

Holy basil is one of our favorite herbs at IGC. It’s well-known for its ability to help calm stress and encourage positivity. Holy basil tea may also help reduce headaches and aid recovery from common colds. As with any herbal remedies, please remember that tea is not a cure-all, and our blogs aren’t a substitute for medical advice!

That said, this plant is one of the holiest in Hinduism and has long been revered as a spiritual enhancer and a bringer of blessings. Use holy basil to promote luck and prosperity. You can also use it to repel bugs! Talk about a helpful herb.

Plantain for Physical Healing

Plantain is a physically healing herb, purportedly with antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Its use hails back to Ancient Greece, where healers used plantain leaves to heal injuries, insect and snake bites, and even the common cold. Plantain is great when used topically, although it’s not safe for use by pregnant people.

Magickally, plantain resonates with the divine feminine and Venus. It’s also protective for travel and known as the journeyer’s companion. It can also help boost spell work!

Olive Leaf for Calming

Olive leaf brings serenity and peace to those who use it. Its calming vibes may also help reduce stress when burned on a charcoal disk. This protective herb is believed to help promote good luck and fortune and release negativity. It also makes for a more sustainable smoke cleanse option than white sage and other indigenous herbs.

This herb is expressive and resonates with the divine masculine and the Solar Plexus. Add some to your doorways to protect against unwanted guests or add some to your prosperity spells for a little more good luck.

Damiana for Awakening

Damiana is typically used as an aphrodisiac, but it’s also great for creating joy in your life. It helps foster romantic connections and dates to Mayan culture, where it was used for everything from stomach aches to more commonly known uses as a libido enhancer. It helps reduce stress and increases energy, too, so burning it or adding it to a ritual bath may help you feel refreshed.

Use damiana in love magick, especially if you want to elevate sexual desire, or in spells for enhancing your psychic abilities. It’s also known for its spiritual awakening abilities!

And, as always, YOU are the magick!

Stay magickal,
Megan W.