Magickal Supplies for the Intermediate Witch

Magickal Supplies for the Intermediate Witch

We serve witches of all experience levels here at Inked Goddess Creations, and we’ve posted about beginner witch supplies a few times. What about witches who have been practicing for a while and want to explore more of their craft? We sat down at IGC headquarters and talked about some of our favorite tools and came up with a list of magickal supplies we think intermediate and experienced witches should consider having in their supply cabinet.  

Altar Cloths

We love our altar cloths here at IGC, and one of my favorite ways to use them is as a wall hanging over my altar. I switch them out with the seasons and the sabbats. I also use them to wrap around my Tarot decks and as a way to protect them when doing a reading. Altar cloths can help make any space special – a corner of your kitchen, your fireplace mantel, a bedside table – and signals that the area is a sacred, magickal place just for you.



Sound cleansing has been around for centuries, and you can use a singing bowl or a bell to cleanse your space instead of a smoke cleanse. I love the little bell that sits on my altar. It’s a quick and, honestly, delightful way to cleanse the air without using smoke or a room spray. Simply ring the bell as you walk around your space. Listen to the tone as you ring it. If the sound is quieter in a certain area, pause there and continue to ring the bell. Eventually, the sound will rise, and you’ll know you can move on to the next corner.



Whether you create your besom from scratch or purchase one from a favorite shop, having a besom among your tools is a great way to cleanse your space. A small, handheld besom is perfect for your altar, whereas a larger one can be used to cleanse floors and walls spiritually. Unlike the broom you use to sweep the floor of dust, hair, and other debris, your besom is a spiritual cleansing tool and should be treated as such.



If you’ve made it this far in your practice without a cauldron, it might be time to invest in one! Not that they’re expensive. What’s nice is your cauldron can do triple-duty on your altar if it’s made of wrought iron or copper. You can use it to mix ingredients, burn incense, and hold offerings. The cauldron corresponds to the womb, so any time you want to focus on creating something in your life, consider using your cauldron.



Some witches find it useful to keep an assortment of charms at hand for creating charm bags, witch balls, or spell jars. The charms themselves don’t have to have a magickal purpose before you get them. Like any tool, you can charge them with an intention and add them to spells as you see fit. 


Charging Plates

One of my favorite tools is my Selenite charging plate. Anytime I receive a magickal item in the mail – if it’s not from Inked Goddess Creations – I just set it on my Selenite charging plate for a day or two before using it. Selenite never needs to be cleansed itself, so it’s a simple way to charge objects and jewelry without having to worry about the charging tool itself. Other charging plates come in Shungite, Orgonite, or mixed gemstones. 


Mortar & Pestle

A mortar and pestle – or rather two of them – are handy if you enjoy using herbs in your magick. So, why do I mention two? It’s a great way to ensure you avoid cross-contamination if you work with poisonous herbs. Choose two different mortar and pestle sets, and make sure to use the same one for all work with toxic herbs. If you avoid poisonous herbs, you may find instead that you want a mortar and pestle in your kitchen for culinary purposes and another with your magickal supplies for non-edible magick.


Offering Bowls

Many experienced witches like to use offering bowls on their altar during rituals or to leave offerings for their deity or creature of choice. You may find that an offering bowl on a windowsill for the fae and another on your altar for your matron goddess will suit your needs. You can also use offering bowls to hold water for cleansing or scrying during a ritual. 


Oil Burner

An oil burner – or even a diffuser – can be handy for blending oils for different magickal purposes. Most oil burners simply use a tea light to warm the oils and diffuse their scents in the room. Essential oils can create a calming atmosphere, add an energy boost to your day, or even help create a romantic vibe. Just be careful when using oils and an oil burner around your familiars – oils can be toxic to animals.


Sachets/Small Bags

Just as witches can never have too many jars – or crystals – the same’s true for sachets and small bags. Velvet or satin bags in different colors for specific purposes can be handy for storing crystals, magickal jewelry, or creating magick or charm bags. Cotton muslin bags are perfect for bath rituals or loose leaf tea blends if you don’t want the ingredients floating around in the water. You can also use small bags to create protection spells to carry in your handbag, backpack, or car. 


What’s your favorite magickal tool?