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Our next shop update is Saturday, April 16th at 10am PST, and it does include Moldavite!
Our next shop update is Saturday, April 16th at 10am PST, and it does include Moldavite!
Full Moon in Virgo- February 27, 2021

Full Moon in Virgo- February 27, 2021

The Full Moon in earth sign Virgo is a time of self-reflection and acceptance.  Oftentimes we can end up neglecting our personal needs in order to fulfill responsibilities in our day-to-day lives. This Full Moon reminds each of us that even though we make mistakes, we are still deserving of care and respect. With this realization, you can notice what projects, relationships, and ongoing tensions have been draining you of your vitality. Virgo teaches the importance of prioritizing your health and self-care.
Full Moon in Virgo- February 27, 2021
Opposite the Moon in Virgo is the Sun in water sign Pisces. You could start to notice all the little details that need to be fixed both within yourself and others. This can be helpful to a point, until it leads to being overly critical. The Sun in Pisces offers a solution that allows you to surrender to the natural flow and timing of life. Creating a balance between your emotional and mental well-being gives you the confidence that you are capable of anything!

The Full Moon in Virgo is trine Planet Uranus which grants you freedom to implement new and positive changes. This harmonious influence helps you feel more at ease when you encounter unfamiliar situations. Full Moons intensify the collective energy, which is why many people tend to experience difficulty sleeping during this time. Spending time in nature balances your chakras and grounds you through connecting you with the Earth. After the Full Moon you will be able to begin shedding the old to make space for the new. The powerful effects of the Full Moon in Virgo could last for two weeks until the New Moon on March 10.

-Juliana M. Fanucchi

Author Bio:
Juliana began studying astrology at a young age.  She believes that through understanding how the planets affect us, we can learn how to use their energies to better ourselves and our lives.  Juliana studies other metaphysical subjects including numerology, tarot, gemstones, and practices Nicherin Buddhism.  In 2016, she earned her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification. She currently resides in Tucson, Arizona. 
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