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Our mid-June product launch is Saturday, June 22nd at 9 am PT!
Our mid-June product launch is Saturday, June 22nd at 9 am PT!
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Must-Have Ingredients for Blessings

Must-Have Ingredients for Blessings

A witch’s collection includes ingredients for a variety of spells, protections, and needs – including blessings. If you’re new to your practice, many of the basic ingredients can be used for blessing magick, whether you’re blessing a new marriage, a home, a relationship, or a new job. Blessings take many forms, so you’ll see different types of blessings mentioned below, from healing to purification and prosperity. As you peruse this guide, follow your intuition. Remember, you are the magick, so if something piques your curiosity, listen to that.

 Must-Have Ingredients for Blessings

White Candles 

Just about any witch you talk to will confirm that white candles are a must-have. They can be simple, non-scented candles in any form – tea lights, pillars, votives, you name it! Not only are these candles an all-purpose ingredient, but they’re also perfect for purification, balance, healing, and of course, blessings.


Herbs, Resins, and Essential Oils 

For centuries, humans have burned herbs and incense for blessing and purifying spaces. Since various herbs and resins are also used in essential oil form, we’re combining them all here. You can burn the herbs and resins, place them in a blessing bag, or add them to your altar. Essential oils are just as potent and can be used to anoint parts of your home, combined with a carrier oil, or added to purified water to create a room spray. Here are a few must-haves: 

Frankincense: Use frankincense for blessings and abundance. It’s also an excellent ingredient to have on hand to begin any ritual or ceremony to purify the space.

Dragon’s blood: Dragon’s blood resin offers protection and good fortune, making it a great ingredient for home blessings.

Sage: Common Sage, or Garden Sage, brings blessings, cleansing, and prosperity to those who use it. These edible forms of sage can be added to your dishes, used in blessing bags, or on your altar. Another benefit to using these forms is that they carry many of the same properties as White Sage, without being appropriative.

Rose: While we tend to think of Rose as a flower of love and lust, it’s also great for protection, peace, healing, and trust. Use it to bless relationships or to help bring a sense of calm to your home.

Lavender: Lavender is so versatile that most witches agree it’s a must-have for numerous reasons. It brings happiness, love, healing, and peace to its user. You can also use it for cleansing a space or bringing harmony to your life.

Mugwort: This herb is quite protective, and you can hang a bundle of it near your front and back doors to bless the doorways and dissuade evil spirits from entering.

Cedar: Cedar can do double-duty by attracting abundance and offering protection. Use it to instill a sense of harmony in your home or invite prosperity into your life.

Rosemary: “Keep Rosemary by your garden gate” is a wise quote to remember when thinking about this herb. Rosemary is highly protective and can be planted by your front door or gate to ward off negative energy. The essential oil can be used to cleanse tools, hard surfaces, and in a wash for your doorframes or kitchen floor to bless the space.

Nag Champa: This incense hails from India. It contains sandalwood and frangipani, a flower. Other ingredients vary, but it may also include lavender, black pepper, or cinnamon. Nag Champa is typically used for meditation, spiritual development, and contemplation, which makes it especially nice for setting the mood before blessings. It can also help drive out negative energy and cleanse the space. Nag Champa is a sacred incense and used as an offering of goodwill to the gods, so treat it with this level of respect when you use it.


Clear Quartz: If you have no other crystal in your collection, make sure you have Clear Quartz. Like white candles, this stone is a must-have and serves multiple purposes. In fact, if you don’t have a specific stone “required” for a spell, Clear Quartz will do the trick. It’s the Master Healer of stones and can be used to clear negative energy from a space. Carry it with you to bless you with health and balance as you move throughout your day. 

Ametrine: Ametrine is a blend of Citrine and Amethyst, and it's because of this blend that Ametrine is a great stone to have for manifesting many types of blessings. Citrine is great for success, prosperity, energy, and personal power. Amethyst can help with stress relief, peace, sleep, cleansing, healing, psychic abilities, and even overcoming bad habits. When Citrine and Amethyst form very closely to one another, Ametrine is born, and carries properties of both stones in it, making it a very powerful stone for blessings of all types.

What are some of your favorite ingredients for blessings?



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