New Moon in Pisces- February 20, 2023

New Moon in Pisces- February 20, 2023

On February 20th (February 19th for the US west coast and further west), the New Moon in Pisces arrives, bringing in a dreamy state where anything can happen. New Moons are a time to set intentions for the next few weeks to six months, and this New Moon is energetically aligned to help make big wishes come true. Understand that manifestations start with a single thought that attracts energy to bring it into reality, so make sure your thoughts are focused on positive goals for your future. Use your imagination to vividly picture the future you want for yourself. 

This New Moon in Pisces will also urge you to face your fears and release limiting beliefs that are holding you back from making your dreams a reality. To do this, you might find that meditating and talking with your higher self, guides, or deities will be easier under this Pisces energy. Also, pay attention to your dreams, as they may contain important messages for you. Your intuition may also be on fire right now, so be sure to trust what it is telling you!

As Pisces is a water sign, this New Moon is a great time for you to get in touch with your current emotional state. Journaling can reveal a lot about your emotional highs and lows, or how you really feel about certain situations or people in your life, so get to know yourself better while this energy is in play. You may also feel called to deepen your spiritual path, so be sure to make time for that during this New Moon.

This Pisces New Moon also brings a message: "Go with the flow." Trust in the flow of energy around you to guide you to a place aligned for your highest good. Then, put your arms out, lay back, and see where it takes you!