Romancing the Stone: Amethyst- Stone of Temperance

Amethyst- Stone of Temperance

Amethyst is a stone of countless benefits! From keeping nightmares at bay to staying sober, this lavender beauty holds the hearts of many. The lore of amethyst holds a lesson for us all, and reminds us to keep a cool head in times of trial.

The story goes:
Dionysus, the god of wine and lavish living, had been offended by one of us mere mortals. He allowed his anger to grow so fierce that he swore to kill the next person that crossed his path. At that time a beautiful, loyal maiden by the name of Amethyst was on her way to worship Diana. The goddess only managed to spare Amethyst from the wrath of Dionysus by turning her into quartz. Dionysus having seen fair Amethyst, was immediately forlorn at what he’d done. Thus, he poured his wine over Amethyst giving her a purple hue and setting her above other stones.

In this story, amethyst reminds us that hot tempers rarely serve us. The energy of the stone itself is quite calming, and should be carried when confronting difficult situations. Due to the association with wine and Dionysus, amethyst has long been associated with sobriety. In this way, it is thought to prevent poisoning as well, and has been worn as protection against enemies. 

Amethyst is also the birthstone for February. It has been associated with love since it became popular during medieval times. During that time, love was a bit quieter, and chaste love was considered the greatest form. Due to the calming and level nature of amethyst, it was given to lovers as a symbol of affection. St. Valentine himself is said to have worn a carved amethyst cupid! 

Personally, I’ve given amethyst to a friend in AA. I wanted to remind them of how far they’ve come, and that they are not the only ones invested in their sobriety. If you have a loved one struggling with addiction, this makes a wonderful gift and a reminder of how loved they are! I also keep amethyst under my pillow to keep away nightmares, along with a clear quartz point to help amplify the energy. They make great stones for dreamcatchers as well.  

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